Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why I like Feet

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Maybe it sounds strange that here indeed is a woman who likes feet and who writes a blog about that. In my circle of friends too, there is no girl who thinks that there is something special about feet. And worse, some do not like their feet at all and most of them think it is strange that some men love female feet.

That is why I will try to explain why I like feet and what I like about them. I will try, but it is difficult to tell.

As far as I can think off, I have always liked to be barefoot. On one site there is that feeling of freedom when my feet are not closed in shoes or socked. And I also love it to feel the ground beneath my feet. Well, feet are very sensitive and for me it is not the same to touch something with my feet and with my hands. Ok, I am not always barefoot. I do not enjoy walking barefoot on streets or city centers. I more prefer nature and I like most soft grass. And when it is not too cold at my apartment, I am almost all the time without shoes and socks.

But I not only like my feet. I love it to look at the feet of other women. First of all, it is my personal curiosity, because (besides summer) you rarely can see naked feet or feet in very open shoes.
And even though it is summer, most people stand or sit you seldom have a look on the soles. That is why I think the soles are the most interesting and my favorite part of the feet. By the way, soles always look kind of "friendly". Maybe I am the only one who sees soles that way?

For me naked feet also have that innocent and vulnerable look. And that playful and dreamy look too. Depending on the shape and the size, feet sometimes look a bit clumsy, what I find a kind of sweet. But in the same way bare feet can also let a person look tough. Well it is hard to explain, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Maybe I should just say, I like feet and I also like it to touch them. Unfortunately that is most of the time limited to my feet. Indeed I have given some foot massages to some of my girlfriends, but most of them found it a bit strange.

Male feet - I do not like that much. I do not know why. Maybe there are some nice male feet but I do not find them that much attractive, sorry.

All in all I would not say that I have a foot fetish. Since I show my feet on the internet I may be a foot exhibitionist. But why I take pictures of my feet and show them to the world on the internet, I will tell you soon....

Your Karina

Deutsche Version


  1. Also! ich bins Sami und bin ganz neu in Deutschland, so I prefer to comment in english! well honestly I have a foot fetish for female's feet, I dunno why! I just do have this fetish since I was born! have you met someone like me before? would you like a "guy" to massage you feet? or kiss and lick them? or suck your toes? that's what a foot fetishist would like to do! email: sloggy@hotmail.co.uk

  2. Hello
    How are you?
    Just like you.
    I like female feet.

  3. wonderful blog :)
    kisses lumyne

  4. Thank you lumyne! Can't wait to work with you!

  5. i am exactly like you.i am male and i am Iranian but i love female feet and i like to touch them.as you like soles i like fingers.i like feet that their fingers have goo style and size.
    good luck

  6. I've your same curiosity of looking at women feet.It's unusual to heard of women that have such tastes,but it's a pleasant surprise!

  7. As a kid i find feet rly gross but now if they are clean i like to massage wokens feet

  8. I like fem feet as well. I'm from Spain and unfortunately I don't know many girls liking other female feet. Maybe they haven't even thought carefully about its beauty and sensuality ;)

  9. Do you like to masturbate to feet?

  10. I love female feet and toes .....! I like to suck them ....... I'm a feet fetisher " ...... I love foot job too.... :)