Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lost in Translation - Help me

Hey guys and girls!

No it is not about LOST again. It is just an emergency question for all my non-german-speaking friends.
My latest observation told me that only 13% of my blog viewers come from a non-german-speaking country. And when I look at the comments there are just some (in my opinion to few people at all) german speaking guys I can join the discussion with.

Well I will always love my friends from all over the world, because I know many, who followed me over the years from MySpace till here. But sometimes I want to write an short article or a statement and when I want to begin, I always have in mind that I also have to do it in English too. And that confuses my brain, because I begin to think every sentence bilingual and forget what I wanted to say in the first place.
I do not feel very comfortably in writing every article in two languages and as a result, nobody answers my English texts. And if you just want to see some pictures, and not interested in anything, then why the hell I should translate every article about me or feet in general.

Do not get me wrong, I am not pissed or anything alike. I  just want to know if it is ok that not every single article I write (and that means more text related things that come into my mind), is translated.
Please give me some feedback.

Thank you!


  1. Hi Karina!
    I'm Daniele, back from Croatia, 16 hours have passed since I arrived and I am already visiting your blog again :D

    You explained very clearly your troubles in translating.. I simply can't ask you to go on posting in 2 languages if so few non-german people are visiting regularly your blog

    Maybe I could post 10 different messages with ten different signatures just to make you resist :D
    I understand your decision and hope all the other non-german foot lovers will make their voice be heard..

    I can see a beautiful pair of feet everywhere on the internet, but if I expect to find another young, beautiful, intelligent girl (what a bootlicker I am :D)that loves feet and shares his pictures and thoughts with the world.. Well, I might hope Jesus will come back soon as well (and start a blog) :)

    Kisses from Italy

  2. feet_are_cute

    And there are two things I have always liked the most about your blog, Karina.. :)

    The first is... that it is written from a girl, who likes feet.

    There are so many sites on the internet, in which you can find THOUSANDS of pictures and videos about feet..
    And those sites are boring. Because most of the girls are there only for money,
    not because they actually enjoy much kissing other girls' feet... :D :D

    To be a "foot fetishist" is a lonely thing. You feel like you are alone in this world.. :D

    I don't know about the other readers, but the fact, that there is a girl on this planet, who likes feet... and who has a blog about feet.. is very important for me.
    You cannot imagine how happy I was when I first found your MySpace blog...

    And now we come to the second thing I like most about your blog - your text articles!!
    When I found your MySpace account.. I liked the pics and videos ofcourse, your feet are very beautiful...

    But I the most interesting thing were your articles, where you talked about what you like about feet, how you started taking pictures of your feet and posting them... You cannot imagine how much I like these articles.

    It is very dissapointing to put so much time and effort, and in the end... it seems like nobody appreciates it... You try to make a discussion on some topic... and the readers don't want to talk with you very much...

    But I think, that I know why people aren't writing comments...

    Many times I have wanted to write you something..
    I even wrote you a foot-fantasy story, because you said in the blog,
    that you would like it if someone made such thing.
    It was a way for me to thank you, it took me three weeks to finish it :D :D

    But I tought..
    "She is very busy.. and so many people are writing to her..
    Why would she want to talk with me, it will be better not to disturb her with just more messages..."

    So I never send you anything...
    I didn't write comments either, because I tought, that you wouldn't want to read them...

    So.. in the end.. I regret, that I don't understand german :D

    And the more important thing - know, that your blog is great.. and know, that your work is appreciated... :)

    I'm sorry, that my post is very chaotic and bad structured...

  3. feet_are_cute

    By the way, Karina... I am making now a collection of my favorite pics and videos related to feet, which I have collected over time...

    A girl from MySpace, who sahres the interest about feet :D wanted to see it.
    So I will send it to you too( I hope your email is still active? )

  4. feet_are_cute( again... )

    I just read my post again and... I saw, that it is terrible... :D

    Wrote it fast, didn't redact it, so I ended up with a giant text, which isn't saying... what I wanted to say.

    And I wanted to say Karina is...
    I like your text articles very much. And I wouldn't want you to stop writing them in english... No one would want.

    But no one can ask you to continue doing it either...
    This is really a lot of work, so don't feel like you have to translate everything.

    ( my selfish part wants you to continue writing everything in english too, but don't pay atteintion to it... :D )

  5. Thank you guys!
    I did not mean that I wont write in English at all. But next time when a German article is ready to publish, I will not wait until I have finished the translation. I will do that later. It depends on, how many time I have.

    But I also got angry when I have spent so much time in a translation and I have to see that there is not any comment. NO COMMENT means for me NOT INTERESTING.

    @feet_are_cute: I am sorry if I have not honored your story. But at the moment I do not know who which what name or mail-adress wrote to me what. It is so confusing.
    But I would love to see your collection!

  6. feet_are_cute

    About the story Karina :)
    Don't feel, that I am like... "Hey, you didn't read my story!!! Now I am angry at you..."

    I wrote it because I wanted to thank you...

    Making this blog is a very... one-sided thing for you.
    You make pictures, videos, stories, you take people's requests...
    And in the end maybe you get something like... "when will you post new pictures..." :D

    You are doing so much work and you take so much from your time... and there is not much participation from the side of the readers( for which I'm very guilty too... )

    So I really wanted to make something more than just saying... "great pics Karina..."

    And when you said in your blog... "hey, it would be great if someone writes me a foot-fantasy story...", I thought to myself... well that's what I am going to do! :D

    So since you want to see my collection( which I am very happy to hear! :D ) I will send you the first story again together with the collection.
    I will be very happy if you read( when you have time ), but don't feel obligated... :)

    My email by the way is...

    And I hope yours is still... karinasfeet(at) ?

  7. Karina,

    I very much appreciate your English postings, and I also really enjoy your writings as much as your photos. Like feet_are_cute said above me, there are millions of places just to see women's feet on the internet, but almost none where the woman is really interested in the fetish side of bare feet herself. You are one of those few, and I treasure your blog for that reason. I completely understand why you might want to only post in German, if only a few people are reading the English posts. Everyone's time is precious, and you have to do what works best for you.

    Best wishes,

    Barefoot Sorority

  8. Thank you all, that you understand my point. It also must be confusing for you if there is a discussion in German in the comment section, and you do not know, what it is all about. I do not know how yet, but I will try to please all of my friends. But it really would be helpful for me, if ALL OF YOU would more often use the comment section. I want do make this blog better and I want to know what like or dislike.

    @feet_are_cute: I skipped through a lot of my mails today, but i could not find any of yours. Are you sure that you used the right email-address. I mean "@" instead of "(at)"?

  9. Hello
    How are you?
    You have to be happy of the diversity you have at your site.
    You might actually scare people away when you say "not enough germans"
    well I am not german and you can talk to me but what I think you are saying is you don't speak english too well. I don't think you meant it in a bad way. At least I hope you didn't