Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thank you for all your suggestions

Thank you for all your comments in my Why you are so silent entry. Because of lack of time I have answered all that in German.  Now I will try to translate it in English.

First of all thank you once again for your opinions and suggestions.  But the same way it is a bit sad that I had to start to write my complaints to get some of you on your keyboards.  It has also been said that what I wrote was disrespectful towards my readers.  I never wanted to sound disrespectful. I just wanted to tell you about how I feel and because of the fact that this is my blog and you want to know something about me I think I have the right to share my feelings here.

In the following article I will try to say something to all of your opinions.

Some of you have stated their reasons about why they do not write comments.

Some have said:

I read a lot of blogs and forums (not only with foot content) and I never write a comment. That does not mean that I am not interested in it.
Well for me the internet is not a one-way media. There are possibilities to interact. And I think everyone should from time to time say thank you for all that, some people do for free. Every blogger in the world likes to hear a feedback and wants to know why he/she should continue with his/her work.
I have given you some figures about my blog but the numbers of visitors do not tell me anything.  If I spend some hours making pictures and nobody writes a comment, I think that nobody likes it. I do not know if the visitors just came here after searching for Katy Perry’s feet on google or something else that leads to my blog. I just cannot see if I am just making pictures for those five people who comment on a regular basis. Do not get me wrong but for me it is necessary to know if people are interested in what I am doing here.

I am not good at writing and just saying “great pictures” or “thank you for the pictures” is too superficial. So I write nothing.
As mentioned above I just want to know if anyone is interested in my work. And a thank you is always nice to hear. And it is also not difficult to write what you like most. I can repeat myself again: I need some opinions to improve my blog.

Why does it bother you so much that people aren't writing? What if all those 160++ people start writing here and they want you to respond to all of them and talk with everyone? Then why would you want more people to write, if you wouldn't be able to talk with all of them? Just to hear compliments about how pretty your feet are? I won't write here just to boost your self esteem. I think that your complaints, about how people aren't writing, are very disrespectful towards them.
First of all I did not want to sound disrespectful. I just wanted to tell everyone how I feel when I do not get any reactions. I do that all for free and yes, I like compliments and Thank Yous. But I do not do it to boost my self esteem. As I said before, without reactions I do not know if someone is interested in what I write.  In past times I have made a break without announcing it. The reactions were “Where are you? What is wrong”.  When I asked if it is really necessary do translate everything in English (because nobody had commented on the English translation that took me a lot of time), there were a lot of comments that I should keep on translating and I did so.  And now it is disrespectful to address to my readers about my feelings? I have answered so many questions on ‘”Ask Karina” in both languages but I is not ok if I say something about how I feel?  For me that sounds like “shut up and show your feet!!!”.
Ok. I do not answer every single comment here. I do not have the time to say “thank you” for every “thank you”. But I do react to my readers. Maybe late, but I am not sitting 24h on my PC.

About Celebs:
I think that I do too much celebs postings. There are twice as much posts with my feet in it. And I just do it if I see something that I like. And I really do not show celebs just to fill my blog. If it would be like that, I swear you would have updates three times a day with copy and paste! I have made some celebs specials, because some of my readers have asked me to do it. Most of the time my celeb specials have a special theme like a TV-Show. And sometimes I want to know, which feet you prefer (for example in my Grammy voting). And every time I do something like that, I try to do my best and look for all the pictures that I can get.  BTW, I have updated Liv Tylor and Anna Paquin two weeks ago.

About writing in general and suggested topics:
At the moment I do not have the time to write long reports. You have to consider that I also have to do it in two languages. I like some topics some of you have mentioned. But I do not know about things that were mentioned (like foot-parties or feet in BDSM). If someone would like to write about a special foot topic feel free to send it to me. And I will do my best to translate it.

Then there was a suggestion that my readers should write their favourite foot fantasy. Oh, I would like to hear about that.  Maybe I should start a “Karina Asks” section in addition to “Ask Karina”. This could be very interesting. What do you think about it? Or “Karina’s Question of the month”….

I think I have said enough about all that. I short. Yes I like to hear some Thank Yous, I like compliments but I also like some criticism. Everyone can share its opinions here, but please do it. It is you to show me where this blog should go. At the moment I have to care about a lot of personal things, but I promise to do my best here.

Once again I want to thank you about your feedback.

Thank you very much.


  1. Thanks for taking of your time to translate the whole article in English.
    I am from the guys, who can only say things like "great pics, you have beautiful feet".
    I thought, that this is not enough, so I never wrote anything.
    But if a simple compliment is ok too, I will write more often.

    The idea about telling you foot fantasies is great.
    I am terrible at writing, but I could try.

  2. Hey, you can always write and say that you like this or that or some things not at all. It does not have to be a long statement. I just want to hear what you like or not, or some suggestions to improve my blog.
    Thank you.

  3. I have been a fan of yours for a long while. I am glad to see ya still jamming. I love the way you take pictures. Phoenix

  4. Hi Karina!
    Ich wollte dich mal fragen, wie du dazu stehst, wenn Männer deine Fußbilder "veredeln" und sie dir per Mail schicken würden? Wärst du abgeneigt?

  5. ...hmm, kommt wohl doch nichts mehr :(

  6. Hello
    How are you
    I think to improve your blog
    1. you need to focus on your feet along with a toy or another object
    2. communicate more with your foot worshipers and followers they want to feel like your a human
    3. don't get bored make something new and unique about your feet photos
    4. Try to find some way to make money at this
    5. Use paypal sell your socks or something "fetish" like. Have people purchase your photos.
    6. make videos and sell them
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    10. turn this into a job you can make good money being a foot model
    11. People out there are looking for foot models find those willing to pay them.
    12. I am willing to film your feet and then divide the money we make selling the videos.

  7. Hi Karina,
    first of all great shots and marvelous feet.
    They seems like silk and your toes like sweets, you must be terrible wearing heels !!
    Any photoshot of heels could be a great idea ;)