Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year - Ein gutes Neues

Hallo zusammen!
Ich bin zwar immer noch in meiner Winterpause, aber nachdem ich so viele Weihnachtsgrüße und Neujahrsglückwünsche erhalten habe, möchte ich mich ganz herzlich bedanken.
Ich wünsche Euch von ganzem Herzen ein gutes neues Jahr. Habt Spaß an allem was auch immer Ihr so macht, bleibt gesund, lasst Euch niemals die gute Laune verderben und bitte, bitte, bitte bleibt mir treu. Irgendwann geht es auch hier wieder weiter!
Danke Euch Ihr seid die Allerliebsten!

Hi my dear friends!
Well I am still on my winter break, but so many people have sent me Christmas and New Year's Greetings. That is why I want to say "Thank You".
May have you all a wonderful new year, have fun in what ever you doing, stay healthy, and please, please, please stay with me. One day this blog will move on!
Thank you. You are all so lovely!


  1. Ich wünsche dir auch ein gesundes neues und shcönes Jahr 2011 ! :-)

    Der Benny :-)

  2. Thank you, Karina... You are very sweet.
    In the previous thread someone said, that the blog
    would be better off without the "personal picture"...

    Which I think is not true.
    It's exactly the personal side of the blog the thing that makes it interesting.
    This blog would be very boring
    if it was only about pic and vids of feet...

    I see you, too, don't like it that way.
    Please, don't make your blog a pictures blog...

    Happy New Year :)

  3. Happy New Year, cutie :)
    And know that there are people, who would be reading your
    blog, even if there isn't a single picture of feet in it.


    (But if you also remove the videos... then even
    those people will stop reading it! :D hahah)


    Dieses Mädchen ist eine Göttin :-)

    Bitte entshculdige Karina ;-)

    Der Benny :-)

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!
    We are very happy to read you again
    Welcome back :-)

  6. Happy new year. Hope christmas was good, fun times :)


  7. When are we going to hear from you... :)

  8. Hey, Karina...
    Your birthday is in February, isn't it :)
    I have a present for you.

    I wanted to give it to you for Christmas,
    but I couldn't finish it in time...

  9. Hey, I am still there. I am trying to write some articles...but I still do not know what you interested in. Tell me what this blog should be about. And give me some time.

    Love You,

  10. You can write something about foot fantasies stories...

    Have you read such stories?
    There are many stories about foot fantasies in the Internet, and some of them
    are really good and well written. Reading a story can sometimes be much more
    exciting than watching a video or pictures. I have read some really, really...
    amazing stories!
    Recently, I found a few stories, written by a girl. (I will send them to you, if you have interest)

    You can search for some stories and share the ones you found intriguing.
    And... you can write about what you liked (or didn't like) in the stories you
    found, and what could be made to improve them...

    For example - a lot of the feet fetish stories are just not very reallistic.
    You can write about what could be made to make them better and more believable...

    And this is just an idea... Write about whatever you want, it doesn't even have
    to be about feet. I would, for example, really like to learn something more about you.

    But if you like this idea about foot stories, you can even make a separate thread,
    where people can post stories they have read and liked. This will be something new
    and fresh for your blog... And you could even make a contest for original, author stories.

    And again, this is just a suggestion. Write about whatever you find interesting.


  11. another idea for an article in the blog

    You could write about... celebrities, who like showing their feet.
    Probably you have noticed that some famous women really like being barefoot,
    and they are barefoot in almost every photosession they have. So you can write
    about celebrities, which you have noticed to like showing their feet...

    Like Tyra Banks, for example...
    She has some show on the television, and there she shows her feet very often.
    She just takes her shoes off in the middle of the show and starts talking about
    her feet... Sometimes she even makes her guests touch or massage her feet.

    One time someone even kissed her feet.
    And then one other time... SHE! kissed the toes of some girl from the audience.
    Which just... killed me. Tyra Banks... kissing a girl's toes...
    When I saw this video in youtube, I couldn't believe she did it.

    It was part of some... strange?... game with the audience, where some girl
    had to massage the foot of another girl, smell it, and then kiss it...
    and if she did this, she would get 150 bucks. (what kind of "game with the audience" is this...??)

    So the girl said she would do it... She had to choose the girl, whose foot
    she would massage and kiss. She chose a girl. She then massaged her foot.
    Then she had to smell it... she did it. And then came the
    hardest part - she had to kiss her toes. Which... she did again.
    It was quite nice, and exciting, to see a girl massaging and kissing the
    foot of another girl, on the TV... It wasn't actually a very good massage,
    she just rubbed the foot with her hands for a few seconds...
    But the kiss on the toes was nice.

    So the girl got her 150 bucks.
    But then Tyra Banks decided that "it would be fun" if she kisses the girls foot, too.
    And she actually did it - she kissed the girl's toes. I really didn't expect she would do
    something like this... It's a 3 seconds kiss, but it's still interesting to see. And fun too.

    And this is the video with the kiss by the way:

    I don't know if Tyra Banks likes other women's feet, probably not. But she definitely likes
    her feet, and likes to have attention paid to them. So... you could make an article about
    celebrities, which you've noticed to like showing their feet and having attention paid to them...

    I know it's a silly idea, but I don't have any better... :(


  12. would you like it if a girl worships your feet?

  13. When are you going to put something new

  14. i think she has left the blog
    there won't be anything new

  15. Has she really left the blog behind? Why didn't she say anything?

  16. She'll came back, sure!
    More beautiful than ever!!!!

  17. Maybe she is busy right now.
    I am sure Karina wouldn't just leave the blog,
    without saying goodbye.


  18. Guys you are so nice and lovely. I thank you so much to care so much about me.
    I am fine, but at the moment I am busy every day and it is hard for me to think about how you would like this blog should be about.
    There were some interesting suggestions. Bur after all I really do not know what you want.
    Pictures of my feet?
    Talking about feet? About what especially?
    Rating feet of some celebs? (well i have seen some new pictures that i liked)

    Give me just more input, per mail or just here. I read all your wishes and suggestions.

    Thank you,
    and I still have to love you!

    Your Karina

  19. Ich komm beim English wieder nicht mit xD

    Der Benny :-)

  20. Karina:"Guys you are so nice and lovely. I thank you so much to care so much about me.
    I am fine, but at the moment I am busy every day and it is hard for me to think about how you would like this blog should be about.
    There were some interesting suggestions. Bur after all I really do not know what you want.
    Pictures of my feet?
    Talking about feet? About what especially?
    Rating feet of some celebs? (well i have seen some new pictures that i liked)"

    I like seeing pictures of your feet. They are beautiful.
    I like reading your writings about feet.
    and I also like reading your comments about the feet of celebrities.
    It's hot to see a girl talking about the feet of other girls!!

    Does it have to be about only one thing...
    Can it be a combination of those three?

    Maybe you are concerned about time, because you are probably very busy... Taking pictures of your feet, writing about feet, looking for pictures of celebrities feet... This takes time.

    But you don't have to make new updates every day...
    Do your own things and work on the blog when you can.


  21. There were some interesting suggestions. Bur after all I really do not know what you want.
    Pictures of my feet?
    Talking about feet? About what especially?
    Rating feet of some celebs? (well i have seen some new pictures that i liked)

    More talking about feet!!

  22. There should be more discussions about feet - yours, other girls' feet...
    And I mean... discussions, in which you are participating.

    I want to see you talking about feet.
    Karina:"Talking about feet? About what especially?"

    About what you would you like to do with them, what fantasies you have
    about girl's feet... If you have any, ofcourse. Mayby you are not
    constantly daydreaming about having some girl's feet on your face,
    but I'm sure you've wondered what it would be like... to kiss the feet
    of another girl, to play with them... What could be the reaction of
    a girlfriend of yours, if you asked her to let you play with her feet.

    I know you've talked about some of these things before.
    But really... those are things I was reading about with interest.
    And it would be great to read about them some more.


  23. Agree with the above post. You should write more often.

  24. Thank you so much for your suggestions so far. It is interesting. And keep on suggest some topics!
    Thank you.

  25. I don't know what to suggest. Someone suggested a section
    about foot fantasies and stories. This is a nice idea...
    Your questions and answers section was very good, so
    I think... maybe you should "revive" it.

    You can also add a section, where you ask us.

  26. The blog should be more discussion-oriented.

    Now it's like this:

    You post something...
    -If it's pictures: 5 to 10 people say something about how cute
    your feet are, you say thank you... end of discussion.

    -If you are saying you leave... around 25 long comments,
    telling you to stay, because your feet are cute.(which they really are... but...)

    There really isn't a lot of discussing...

  27. Here's a topic for discussion - do you people think that girls, who like feet,
    are also sexually attracted to other girls? I know some girls, who like feet, and
    they are all either lesbians, or at least bisexual.

    So do you think that an attraction to feet goes hand in hand with a sexual attraction?
    Can the interest of a girl to other girls' feet be just aestethic and not nececerlly sexual...

    And what about you, Karina? Do you just like the way girls feet look like, or you are also
    a bit bisexual? Have you thought about sexually experimenting with girls?

    My suggestion for a topic ednded being like a bunch of interview questions,
    but I really wonder if it's possible to like feet without it being sexual.
    Because, for me... it's sexual. And for all the girls with foot fetish I know, it's also sexual.

  28. Hi Karina!
    I found some videos I think you would like.
    Would you have time to take a look at them, or
    you are still very busy?

    I really want to show them to you!! :)

  29. A bit late, but Happy new year to you Karina!
    And all feet lovers!

  30. so when are you coming back karina?

  31. kein deutsches wort mehr hier....

    Der BENNY :-)

  32. and if i would like to ask some questions...please be honest. Will i get answers from all of you?
    That is a thing i want to know, because I want to interact with you. I am there if you are ready.
    Please help me a bit with my blog.
    ...and I just have to say thank you for your support.
    Kisses for you all,
    Your Karina

  33. you mentioned topics....
    you know that thousands of people have seen your feet. You must know that people mastrubate to your pictures, tell us how you feel about that.

    I also love that you show celebrities, and give comments about them.

    Please Karina, Danke Fusgottin, sei mit uns.

  34. Karina:"and if i would like to ask some questions...please be honest. Will i get answers from all of you?"

    Yes, you would.
    I can't speak for other people, but I would like
    to answer any questions you might have.

    Karina:"That is a thing i want to know, because I want to interact with you. I am there if you are ready."

    I want to interact with you, too. I can't see a reason why
    someone wouldn't want to talk with you. You are very cute...

  35. Hi karina! first of all i want to say that your blog is really great i mean for real haha is great!! You´re an amazing and beatiful woman and of course your feet are beautiful too LOL.

    I have a question... what do you think about feet and people who include them on the sexuality? (please sorry my english)

    A big fan of your blog

    Sebastian ( Santiago, Chile )

  36. Tell us already - are you quitting this blog?

  37. Honestly? Is slowly time to get out of the cocoon!
    Bad weather or not! Time out or not! I think it's time to wake up! How long do you want to sleep yet? All of them gave their best... Items every day ! AND EVERYTHING is only: "Kisses for you all,
    Your Karina"
    "Shame" is my only Word !!
    You made this !! Stand by it !! Please !!
    Do that to what you believe, or stop it!
    Receive the blog on life, or stop him!
    Thats my short words !!

    Greetz DSL

  38. Stop these stupid comments already...
    She doesn't owe anybody anything.

    Think about how much she has done without asking
    anything in return... and compare it to what you
    have done for her.

  39. lol ... I've done for her very much !!
    And sorry, but you can not know. It was private...
    And not something stupid ! And my comments are not stupid. It is enough even if Karina understands...
    So just stay cool...


  40. We want you back :-)

  41. She left and everyone suddenly wants her to return.
    It's a little late now to want her back.

  42. Karina...
    Why did you leave without even saying goodbye? Just one goodbye...

    I'm not coming here anymore.

  43. She could have just said, that she's not interested in the blog anymore.
    Instead of giving false hopes, that she will come back... :(

  44. How come we never see your beautiful legs?

  45. What's happened with this place?

  46. I think all of you have really pissed Karina off!
    She left because of YOU!!!

    Great job, idiots...

  47. Hallo Karina!

    Jeder kann im Netz mit seinem Internet-Auftritt (oder Blog) tun und lassen, was er möchte.

    Aber wenn man eine Seite so aufzieht, wie du es getan hast, muss man auch konsequent sagen, wenn Schluss ist.

    Alles andere ist ein Tod auf Raten, den keiner verdient hat. Auch deine Leser nicht.

    Soweit meine Meinung.

    Dirk (der deine Seite schon seit langen sehr gut fand)

  48. Vielleicht sollten alle mal Cool und Locker bleiben !!
    Karina hat in keinem Wort erwähnt das Sie aufhören will !!
    Sie hat eben einfach grad keinen Bock...
    Sie arbeitet ja daran den Blog besser und interessanter zu machen...
    Aber das schöne daran ist auch wie ich das hier beobachte: Sie fragt nach Verbesserungen, bekommt aber kaum welche !!
    Man vermutet das Sie den Blog nicht mehr weiter führt, bekommt aber nun ohne Ende Kommentare...
    Das hätten sich die Leute mal eher durch den Kopf gehen lassen sollen, als jetzt beleidigt zu sein oder zu schreiben das Sie diese Seite nie wieder besuchen werden !!

    Ich möchte für alle auch mal klar stellen, dass ich meine Person in diesem Blog in keinster Weise in den Vordergrund stellen möchte, wenn ich schreibe das ich mit Ihr ein recht gutes Vertrauensverhältnis habe.
    Man kennt sich halt eben schon über ein paar Jahre, mehr nicht !!

    So, und für meine Englischsprachigen Freunde, lasst Euch das mal übersetzen als das man immer Eure Sachen erst übersetzen muss !!

    And for my friends of the English language,
    Translated this as the English must always be translated !!


  49. Stimmmt DSL voll und ganz zu !

    Der Benny :-)

  50. Grande DSL !
    Hai ragione, immagina però la fatica di chi parla un'altra lingua ancora e deve tradurre dall'inglese (che conosco) o dal tedesco (questo sconosciuto...)!
    Comunque Karina mezzo mondo aspetta il tuo ritorno, ci manchi!


  51. Sì! Spesso usa il traduttore di Google, se questo è poi tradotto come farò chiedere! Essa può essere solo che è solo chiacchiere?
    Importante che si può leggere tra le righe!
    Spero che questo si intende?


  52. Hallo DSL
    Ihr Italienisch übersetzt ist sehr lustig.
    Wahrscheinlich wie dieser Text in deutscher Sprache.

    Ich hoffe, sehr bald wieder spielen Karina


  53. Karina, Du hast Post da das Forum spinnt !!


  54. TOC, TOC, TOC....

    Is there nobody here?


  55. Ich bin hier ! :-D

    Der Benny :-)

  56. Some input on improving the blog is maybe joining my footworship church.
    I want to start an online foot worship church.
    Maybe someday I can go to Munich, Germany and start a foot worship church over there.
    But we need some way to connect.

  57. Do you think she reads her email or the comments here...

  58. your beauty and kindness has touched so many people goddess, you have made it fun to come to your site *bows* you are kind and wise, and your feet are beautiful and lure us silly men to you like a moth to a flame.

  59. I am no goddess and no one who likes feet is silly. But thank you!