Saturday, June 13, 2015

Poll: Should there be a place for fan stories?

Hi my dear friends!

There has been a discussion about it, if there should be a section on my blog, where people can write their fantasies they have watching and "enjoying" my pictures. Well that is no great problem for me. But I would like to hear your opinion.

If you think this is an great idea, I would make a special site for all this and put a link on the front page. All who want to write a fantasy or thoughts will be able to write it in the comments. After that I can copy it into the post.

I do not know. It could be very interesting or a stupid idea.

So I made a poll to ask for your opinion.
Tell my what you think!

Here is the link: Karina Feet Fantasies - Poll
Thank you for voting! Your decision counts!

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