Thursday, March 3, 2016

Karina presents: Christopher the "Foot Portrait" Artist

Hi my dear friends!
Today I feel great. It is so wonderful to have him on my blog. He is from Germany too, he is a very very lovely friend of mine on DeviantArt, he is open-minded and it is always a pleasure to talk to him. He is one of the greatest photographers I know and ...wait for it... he takes feet pictures. Ok. If your are not convinced by now I also have to tell you that he shares all his work for free!!!
Please welome Christopher aka. "Foot-Portrait", one of the best foot-related photographers.
I am very proud to have him here but now read what he tells about himself and about shooting feet pictures...


my name is Christopher Barkey and I am a 30 years old guy and want to tell you a little bit about my fascination for female feet.
I am looking back at this passion – also called a footfetish – since I can remember. When I was a child I was fascinated by my own feet which is kinda funny I guess. I loved to touch and play with them.
On the other hand I was REALLY shy about them. Later in school I never took part in gym lessons being barefoot like some other classmates.

Firstly I was insecure because of that, I never heard of such a liking. I telled a so called friend about it and he gave me the feeling I was weird. I felt ashamed of my liking for a long time. But this feeling relativized over the years. I have learned, that there is nothing bad about liking feet.
When I started photography, I realized, that the opinion of the people is more and more positive about it.
It is hard to describe in words what makes me feel tempted by feet. I guess it is the particular...
Feet often were hidden and handled like a taboo.

For me the soles of feet are the most beautiful part of feet, you will recognize that quickly by browsing my galleries. There is nothing better than a pair of smooth soles of feet! Beside that I love nail polish in „crazy“ colours

In autumn of 2006 I started with photography. There was no reason I guess, maybe I just wanted to give credit to the community. At this point I was totally unacquainted with photography and I had to start learning from scratch. Both, taking photos and putting feet in a good light.

My first model was my at that time girlfriend, unfortunately she wasn't certain about the whole thing and often seemed very unmotivated. Soon I had the self-confi dence to ask a classmate of mine if she would let me take pictures of her feet. I never thought, that she would say yes, at that moment! By good fortune it wasn't the only commitment.

On social media platforms like facebook I found new girls who modeled with her feet for me. Also friends of friends were okay with that. The reactions to such enquiries are different as the models are. Most of them have been sceptical, others were curious. Not directly in modeling, more in the „why“. They were amused, but not in a bad way.

The shootings themself are relaxed. In the run-up we are looking for good locations.
During the shoot my models have all freedoms, can give ideas and pose in the way they feel comfortable.
Many times the models were insecure before the shooting. Insecure about their ability to be a model or about their feet. They asked themselves the question what people walking through the park could think, when they see they are showing of her feet to a photographer.
Afterwards they were amazed about the beauty of their feet, seen from a different angle. They although were happy that there has barely been a reaction from passengers. When it still happened yet, we mostly laughed about it. I can remember two situations from not long  ago. We  were shooting  on  a  meadow when  a  group of  man observed  us apparently. Later a man from the group came over to us and after I asked him kindly, if he wants to participate he changed his mind and left us.
Another sweet situation was when a passenger walked by and said „She has beautiful

I'm not sure how far my models can rate the appeal of their feet. I guess many of them are still not aware of it. But there are also some that get a better feeling about their feet. These models sometimes ask how people think about the photos.
In my personal surrounding there are nearly no negative reactions to my hobby. Here and there someone makes a joke about it, but that is okay for me.
Interestingly enough I recognized some sort of sensibilisation in my surrounding. My best friend often calls my attention if a girl with beautiful shoes is crossing our way and she told me, that she is having an eye on it even when she is alone.

 With my work mainly provided on the internet I do make a lot of experiences, in good and bad ways. Protected by anonymity many people don't hesitate to be off ensive against me or my models. Luckily this is the exceptional case! :)
Since I had no own website a few month ago I provided my work on platforms like deviantart and Instagram. Now I also upload them to my website at
In general I think that the foot topic is badly presented on the internet. I don't mean the amount of off ers, but the quality.  Putting aside professional productions I see that many „small“ photographers don't put much energy in their work. Bad images from technical aspects and lack of ideas.
Black sheeps on the internet do the rest, when commenting in an inappropriate way and abuse the artwork for sexual satisfaction. This is what puts us in unfavorable light and why many people still have prejudices agains „foot lovers“.


Websites I like to visit are deviantart and Instagram. Profiles worth a visit are mtl3 (on deviantart), foxy-feet (also on deviantart). On Instagram you have to check out @ashleysoles, @solesgonewiiild and @ohmandy56.
My favorite feet on deviantart are the feet of shelle-chii, she is a great model!

What makes me happy is, that the public view regarding the topic of foot erotic has become better in the last few years. I notice it through my near surrounding but also in  the media. More and more promintent people talk about having similar likings and others  are okay with it.
If you want to polish the image of our community you always have to keep in mind that  feet are not only an object of lust. They are just beautiful and it is a present that we  perceived it for us! Let every foot model know that!!!
This will help to make women (and maybe men) feel more comfortable about their feet.
No need for them to think feet are ugly. I always tell them, to think about it again. Feet  do a lot for us, they carry us through life and we should be thankful.

Footportrait on DeviantArt
Footportrait on Youtube

NO NO NO !!! Do not leave here! Read further. Here are some more questions I asked.
And sorry, the first questions were about me. (sorry, sorrry, sorry I just had to ask.)

When did you see my pictures for the first time or when did you hear about me?
I have to lie Karina. Guess I found you randomly when searching google for feet. So I  can't tell you a date, but I „know“ you for many years now.

What were your first impressions?
This can't be...true...a woman who likes her feet, being open-minded and likes to show them off?

How do you like my pictures, my feet at all and my blog?
Your pictures are great and I still enjoy them. I guess I wouldn't be writing this for you if not! :D I really love your soles of feet! :3 Your blog (website) is good as it is, I won't judge it from technical aspects. But sometimes your pictures are itching me to have a shooting with you! :P I would love to have you as one of my models in future! :) But I guess the „selfies“ are the „soul“ of your blog.

Any hints for new photographers of female feet or women, that would like to show off their feet on the internet?
 Never give up! Don't let anybody tell you, you are „different“ or „not normal“. Everyone who says something like this isn't the brightest light in the world. People often ask me, how I manage to fi nd models. It is very easy: Asking, asking and asking. You can't get more than a „No!“.

What should be kept in mind when photographing? Is there something special, when
taking pictures of feet? can I say that without diminishing my own work? :D There isn't much you have to pay attention for! It is important that there isn't more to see in the pictures than wanted. (eg. Woman in skirt). Lighting is important! Always have an eye on how the light falls on the motive. Avoid having too many shadows in place they are not wanted. Try diff erent perspectives. Talk with your model, motivate her to bring in own ideas.

I saw woman come and go, showing their feet for quite a time and than vanished. Was it maybe just for attention?
Difficult to say. Maybe they just wanted to try out something new and realized that they don't like it. Maybe they were put of by creepy comments. I try to remove EVERY comment with sexual background to protect my models.

Thank you very much  Christopher!!! It was great to have you here.

There are so many things Christopher mentioned and what I would like to talk about. And I think you would like to ask questions either.
Christopher is an open-minded person, so he said that he will answer my and all of your questions.
Write you questions in the comments, I will collect them. And I will do an update with all the answers.

Show some love for Christopher!!!

Thank you and kisses!


  1. hi babe visit my web site

    1. nice blog, but you should not advertise here.
      You should write something about this interview here!

  2. Dag_yo i love u

    1. Sorry to surprise you, but I am not Dag_Yo.
      I thought that Dag_Yo (which I admire a lot) is not more around on the internet.
      I know that is sad.

  3. Really interesting section. Nice to see you really care about keeping your website through the time with new stuff Karina. Im a really big fan of your feet since like 5 years by now. You're beautiful, please keep it up :)

    Big fan from Chile :D

    1. Thank you very much! Greetings to Chile!
      But maybe you have something to say about the interview with Christopher here?

  4. Jaaaa freiwilliger vor :)
    Karina deine Füße sind wirklich wunderschön und da wir ungefähr im selben Alter sind lese ich hier schon immer mit. Gerne würde ich wider einmal gerne von deinen Erlebnissen und Fantasien rund um das Thema Füße lesen :)

    Ich küsse deine Füße


  5. I've just finished reading this article and noticed that on dA that he's been following my dA site for a while.

    Though I don't follow much of his works, it is interesting to find out more about his work and how he works out the images and sympathize with him about the comments section on why it can be cluttered up by stupid people at times or trolls who want attention.

    Though I'm more of a feet in jeans/long pants type of person. Though fantasy with long dresses can work too.

    I would wish to meet people like you lot or to find some fun models. :(

    1. Thank you very much!
      Yes the culture of writing comments is something everybody should care about.

      I love it to know you from DA and I am so thankful that you found your way here to my blog.

      Thank you very much for that.

  6. A very interesting interview and i have enjoyed his work for a long while on DA. Glad to see you and he have connected; hopefully this can continue to be a friendship in the future.

    1. Thank you!

      Yes we would like to do more together. But we are a bit confused that there were not many follow up questions. We would like to do more talking about feet.

    2. Love the wrinkles when you spread your toes when did you find your love for feet?

    3. Well I do have questions for both Christopher and you Karina.

      1) Do you prefer to take glamour shots, of just soles or toes etc, or do you prefer action shots like toe spreading, sole scrunching, arching the feet?

      2) How do you pick the feet and models you'd like to photograph? What attracts you to those particular feet?

      3)what is your favorite part of the foot, Christopher, and yours Karina?

    4. 1) I love soles so that most of my pictures are from that perspective
      2) I never have taken pictures with another mode.
      3) The sole and the toes.