Friday, February 16, 2018

More Pictures for Your Weekend Pleasure

Hi my dear friends!
Thank god it's friday so have a great weekend!
I hope I can sweeten your weekend with some more pictures of my feet. You still like them. Do you?
Here in Munich, Germany winter strikes back again and it is freezing cold outside. So I am always happy when I come home, turn on the heaters and can be least in my appartement...
Is it also winter where you live? I hope spring will come soon, because I miss it very much seeing some feet on the streets. How do you feel?
Enjoy your weekend, enjoy my pictures. Have fun! And please share your opinions about my feet pictures with me.

Here they are!

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Have a wonderful weekend!
Thank you very much for stopping by.



  1. Mmmmmhmmm :-) marc

  2. Already commented on the previous post... And again with the perfect toes on the second picture! My favourite! *.*
    And fantastic content throughout all of them. You show poses that are very subtle but also very suggestive. You know the effect you have on all of us! ;)
    Leaves me to ask, if you're ok with it: do you enjoy causing so much desire and arousal from us or do you just like the appreciation your feet get because you also like them very much yourself? Hope the question doesn't sound inappropriate.

    Continue with the terrific content, can't wait to lose my mind over the next ones :D
    Kisses on your feet, wherever you wish ;D **

    1. Thank you very much!
      I it great to hear your opinion and thanks, that you like my work (and my feet).
      Yes I know the effect and I like it, but your question is difficult to answer.
      First of all I never thought about my feet that they are very beautiful and I still do not think in my opinion that they look that great.
      I began showing my feet just because I always liked feet and I was very curious if others would like my feet too. And then I wanted to give people more confidence in their passion for feet. Showing that it is something normal and nothing strange. So I made more pictures, because the feedback was (and is) great.
      If someone is sexually turned on by my pictures it is very nice to hear, because it is a great compliment for me and my work. And more, it shows me that people are more open about their passion for feet. (And of course it feels great that so many people like my feet).
      And of course it makes me kind of hot if I get so nice comments about my work.

      I hope I could have explained it the right way. But you can ask me again.
      Thank you for your interesting comments! And of course that you like my feet!!!

    2. You're welcome :D
      I'm a long time follower but more recent commenting. I'm the one who always finishes with "kisses on your feet" :D Just a kind and funny greeting, mixed with my actual desire! ;D
      And you perfectly answered the question. It's great to know you have that side in which you like feet for what they are, their nature and your body positivity, but I also love that awareness of the sexual side of it and that you enjoy it ;)
      Will continue to love those precious feet and comment in a way it becomes recognisable :D
      Can't wait for more pictures to bring me more new... Dreams ;)

      As always, kisses on those beautiful feet, however you wish! :D **

    3. Thank you.
      Well it is great that understood what I meant. (English is not my mothertongue so it is not easy for my).
      Thank you for being here, asking interesting questions.
      And of course that you like my feet.

    4. It's ok, it's not my mother tongue either! :D
      I'll continue being here and, anytime I have an open, I'll keep asking you questions. I just hope my curiosity never gets too edgy and I don't cross the line and ask you something that you might find inappropriate. For all I like to fantasize and appreciate about your feet, I always want to keep the respect! :D
      I also pay a lot of attention to other comments and your replies (sometimes using Google translator for the German comments) to get to know more about you and understand you better. There's always very interesting and sometimes surprising stuff.
      Keep it up, will always like your feet... And often fantasize about them as I said ;D If you're ok with it and enjoy it ;)

      Warm kisses on your feet :D **

    5. I would tell you if a question is inappropriate.
      And thank you that you like my work and that you enjoy the discussion here.
      It is interesting that you also read the comments in German. Feel free to comment also there if it is something interesting. And of course you can do it in English if you like.
      And I am very ok with the fact that you fantasize about my feet ;)

    6. I think the most Guys having Phantasies when they look at Karinas super sexy feet !!! :-)

  3. Hey karina I love your feet so much their so beautiful spechley the top ! U said u think u would let me play with them ?

    1. Thank you!
      How would you like to play with them?

    2. touch them feel them and massage them! And feel between your toes :) would u let me do that :) ?

    3. Thank you karina! and would you let me slide them inbetween each other too karina ? :)

    4. Thank you karina! and would you let me slide them inbetween each other too karina ? :)

    5. Love you karina and love your toes kisses and hugs!!

  4. Hi für mich als Fan glatter schöner Sohlen immer wieder ein Genuss ich würde sie gern mal küssen und berühren.

    1. Ganz lieben Dank Dir!
      Freut mich super, dass dir meine Sohlen so gefallen. Ich versuche aus sie so zu behalten.
      Welche Fotos haben dir denn am besten gefallen?
      Ich gebe auch gleich deine Küsse an meine Füße weiter!
      Danke Dir!

    2. Die Nahaufnahmen wie beim Bild 5 oder beim vorletzten sind immer toll.Füße Überkreuz wie bei Bild 3 mag ich auch immer gern. Die drei letzten sind allgemein cool, das letzte mit den Zehen als "Treppe" von unten nach oben ist schön gemacht ;-)

    3. Danke Dir Chrisli.
      Na da sollte ich vielleicht noch ein paar Nahaufnahmen machen.
      Danke für dein Feedback. Ich küsse meine Füße von Dir :)

  5. Die Füße sind ja alle in einer wunderschönen Präsentation, das man sie perfekt ablecken könnte !:-D

    Hier ist es auch recht Kalt aber schnee liegt bei mir nicht direkt dafür aber im Umland und den höheren Lagen logischer Weise.

    Hier gefallen mir echt alle Fotos besonders da man schöne Einblicke auf die Sohlen bekommt. :-)

    Was ich mit deinen Füßen gerade alles anstellen würde kann ich hie rnicht schreiben, zu sexuell und extrem. :-P

    Aber du darfst mir ja auch jeder Zeit eine Mail schreiben. ^^

    Liebe grüße dein Langzeit-Fan

    Benny :-)

    1. Jo, so eine Zunge oder wärmende Hände wären ganz nett.
      Hier wird es immer kälter und selbst mit aufgedrehter Heizung frieren meine Füße so langsam.
      Da freut es mich zu lesen, wie viele Leute hier meine Füße aufwärmen würden ;)

      Nett, dass du auch ein Sohlenfan bist. Denke mal du willst wieder nur kitzeln...

    2. Ich will alles machen was mit deinen Fußen zu machen geht Karina ! ;-)

      Bin doch dein Fan ! :-)

      Der Benny :-)

    3. Ja klar.
      Aber meine Füße wollen nicht einfach nur gekitzelt werden.

    4. Werden ja auch nicht NUR gekitzelt sondern auch geküsst, geleckt, massiert, gef**** und vielleicht noch viele andere Sachen die man sich gemeinsam ausdenken kann, liebe KARINA ! ;-)

      Der Benny :-)

  6. OH wow these are awesome pics. Your feet always excite me so much that i enjoy myself to them. They are such a turn on. If only i could touch them!


    1. Thank you very much!
      I hope it was great and left you with a good feeling.

    2. it left me feeling great. I get off on your photos quite often as they are wonderful :)


    3. Well enjoy!
      I like it to make people happy with my pictures ;)

  7. Hello Karina, i'm R.S. i read the mail and i'm glad to write in the blog. Thank you for the new pictures, they are really beautiful and i think you have some of the best toes, i really like much their shape.
    I'm so happy to follow this blog.
    Here is hot temperature, seems like spring, but for me is still cold ahahah. I cannot wait to appreciate the people feet around, is so beautiful when people go around more openly and naturally, and i want so much walk barefoot in the garden.

    Have a nice weekend :)

    ps. i'm having problems to publish the comment, i hope now will work and i hope i didn't made double or triple copy of the same comment :/ .

  8. Wow, thank you very much!
    It is nice that you like my toes, because I do not think that they are very beautiful.
    What do you like about them?

    I am jealous that it is spring in your country already. Here it is getting colder and colder.
    I also want to walk barefoot outside again.

    Thank you!
    There was no problem about your comment.

    1. You know, as for everything "something beautiful" can be in part objective and in part subjective. Personally i like so much toes like yours, their "roundness" and they seems have a beautiful size, for example i don't like much those "skinny" feet with very long toes with much visible tendons and bones, i like more "round" feet, and i think yours are so much wonderful.
      I'm sorry to hear that you don't like much your feet, i think everyone see themselves in a more bad way, but i think is a beautiful thing appreciate ourselves even if we think that something of us is not so beautiful, can be something really beautiful at the eyes of the other people :) . I hope you will discover a full appreciation of your own feet, because hey, they are also really beautiful in a objective way, search on the internet for really ugly troll hobbit feet or ruined feet because bad shoes or things like that, you have really beautiful feet, and other people can appreciate them in both ways objectively and subjectively.

      I cannot wait to see some new photos of your feet in the outdoor, free and with happiness :)

      Have a nice day :)


    2. Thank you that you told me what you like about my feet. Can you tell me what parts of my feet show the "roundness"? I think my big toes are very round and big. And my feet at all are more broad than slim. Is it that?
      And no. I may not wrote it correctly to make sense. I like my feet, but for me they are not so beautiful in my opinion. I would not show them, if I would not like them. I just want to say that there are much more beautiful feet out there.
      I am just very used to it seeing my feet, because I love to be barefoot.

      To make some more outdoor pictures, that may will take some time. It is damn cold here in Germany!

    3. Sorry if is not easy for me to explain, i’m not so much good in english XD, but i can find help with images too (if can post a link, otherwise delete the link), i think you have a wonderful shape of the toes and the feet in general, they seems soft and i like the toes more round. This is an example that i found on the internet
      as you can see, those are not ugly feet, but i don’t like much their shape. You don’t have such “pointy” toes and skinny feet, and for me i think your feet have the best shape, a shape that i like much, and especially yours i think are really beautiful even compared to others feet with similar shape. I’m not saying this only because you can read me and so “is nice to say that your feet are beautiful”, i really think so, i say what i really think (otherwise I think that I would not have frequented the blog anymore if i had not liked your feet).
      Ok :) now i understand sorry for before. I don’t know , because as i said i really like your feet and i say thank you for sharing them :) so for me they are really really beautiful. I can say that there are some shapes that i don’t like much i think maybe you see yours in a different way even if you still like your own feet, but i think that feet like yours or those on the image on the link on my example up here, are not ugly feet, not at all, are really beautiful feet. I think like every beauty thing that exist is unique and has the own beauty, your feet are yours and they are unique, i think they are proportionate, in a wonderful cared shape, with cute nails, and a general shape that i like very much and that show their beauty also in a objective way, not only in my subjective taste.

      Yes of course wait the good weather, but you need to know that when will come the time would be a pleasure for me (and us of the blog) :)

      Have always wonderful time :)


    4. Hey, no problem. My English is not the very best too.
      Oh. Yes, I understand now what you mean. You do not like feet that are too skinny with very long toes. Well this kind of feet I also do not like very much.

      And thank you very much that you like my feet, and as you say that the shape of my feet is very beautiful. It is very nice of you that you described it so precisely.
      Thank you very much for that and of course I know that you are not just saying that and that you mean this honest. This is great.
      You are right that there is a variety of feet and not just one perfect form.
      There are big feet, long feet, small feet, long toes, short toes etc. and all of them can be beautiful.

      Thank you for your comment! It was very interesting to read.