Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kristen Stewart Barefoot @Cannes

Hi my dear friends!
I am sorry that I have been offline for a  month.
I hope you understand that I can not think, feel and talk about feet everyday. That is why I need sometimes a break. I am sorry about that. I should let you know before.
Let me know in the comments if you hate me for that ;)

But for today (and if you know my blog) it is Cannes Film Festival this week. A place where all celebrities want to show their feet and want to do something about "Feet Awareness". Like I do, and you like so much.
The first one is Kristen Stewart who loves to be barefoot (she did it in Cannes two years ago.)
I really like her feet! Please tell me what do you think about it?

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Take off your shoes. Karina is watching!
Feel free to write a comment if you like this post or not.
I like cute feet!


  1. So schöne Füße und keiner mag sie?

  2. Gosh why would we hate you for having a life? We love you for each time you stop by!

    And yes, I always love when stars do this and i know they all actually WANT to do it. Go nuts, take 'em off, we'll love it! Be brave like Kristen! (Or Julia Roberts, another dedicated barefooter)

    Have you gone barefoot in public? And I don't mean just walking outside, I mean really going out in the public in bare feet or removing shoes and having people looking?

    Thank you for the post, I'm glad you're ok and found the time. Can't wait to see more of your feet again.

    Kisses on your feet ;) **

    1. Thank you for understanding this.
      But many do not understand it.
      I always should show my feet. Ok.
      But I always want to show you things I like too.

      @The Question:
      You mean at an occasion you have to wear shoes or just walking barefoot in the supermarket.
      Supermarket? I was there barefoot today.

    2. I meant any public occasion. That's pretty hot! :O I love that kind of thing, wish I could see it in my area more often! Or at all!

      Of course your pictures always take very careful and worked sessions. Otherwise, that would be fun to be "documented" ;) Or maybe an aftermath, your feet after a daily barefoot routine outside.

      Also any situation where you had to remove your shoes in public? That always catches everyone's attention :D

      Thanks for your reply, hope to see new content soon. Kisses on your feet, even when dirty! ;D **

  3. Ich muss gestehen, ich finde ihre Füße nicht so sehr ansprechend.
    Hätte lieber wieder was von dir gesehen Karina ! :-)

    Der Benny :-)

    1. Was gefällt dir denn an ihren Füßen nicht?
      Was machen meine Füße den besser?

  4. Sie hat eindeutig Hornhautstellen an Ferse, Ballen und sogar Zehen seutlich erkennbar.

    Deine Sohlen sind wunderbar weich und gepflegt. *.* Ein Träumchen.

    Der Benny :-)

  5. seutlich voll erkennbar !!!!!!
    Kann mal einer den Duden umschreiben....
    Nach langem schau ich mal wieder auf Deine Seite....
    Schöne neue Bilder von Dir.
    Ich weis es ist nicht der richtige Post von Dir aber der Aktuelle...
    Mach mir aber auch nicht mehr die Mühe.
    Schöne Pfingsten