Monday, November 26, 2018

My AMA Answers

Hi everyone!

I should have posted the link to my  AMA on DeviantArt earlier, because I answered the questions there weeks ago. Sorry, I forgot about that.
Here is the link:

Sorry, please forgive me. I always think that you also check my DA-Site for updates. My fault.

And as promised, here are my answers to your questions on my blog too.

Have fun

Hi Karina,
Do you ever did a footjob?
Is this really your most important question? But to be honest, I did not have so many feet related partners yet.

Hi Karina,
Has anyone ever come on your soles or toes?Not yet. But many people tell me that they like to cum on my pictures.

Hey Karina what do you think about people who masturbate over your feet do you like that?
No problem, why not. It is cool for me and if you feel free to it. Feet are very  beautiful. Have fun!


You made a great interview with footlovegirls. And from the video to you I would say that Marinka loves your feet.So my question is. 
If you ever could do a session with one of the models of, who would be your Top 3?
Think about that were no camera, which models feet do you would like to kiss and lick?

Thank you that you liked my interview with Markus from Footlovegirls.

I love the feet of Nicole and her soft soles. She is awesome! I would love to see her reaction when I would caress her feet. I think she would be cool with that :)


I love her toes and soles. They are cute!


Her feet are cute and slim. And she did this awesome video for me!


You are famous for showing your feet and being so nice to everyone. I love you and your blog.
How does it feel that so many people look at your feet, thinking about that they are really famous on the internet?
Like so many people know and like your feet maybe in a sexual way or just something else?
Do you enjoy the fame?

Thank you! I do not think about me that I am "famous". I know that my pictures will always be shared on other places and that they will never vanish, even I quit my blog. But this is ok. I always liked to show my feet and I also wanted to do something for the people who like feet. 
Talking about "fame". I really enjoy the reactions to my pictures. I wish there would be more. But it is not about "fame". I love it if just one single person enjoys one of my pictures.

Und nun zu meiner Frage:
Wenn du in der Öffentlichkeit merkst das jemand auf deine Füße guckt wie reagierst du? Teast du ihn dann ein bisschen (das kann ja auch subtil sein) oder versteckst du sie bzw. gehst dann weg.

So oft bemerke ich das eigentlich gar nicht. Obwohl ich immer bisschen schaue. Ich wünschte fast, das wären mehr ;)
Gut so in Flip-Flops an der Kasse habe ich das schon öfters mal bemerkt. Mir gefällt das. Dann bewege ich etwas die Zehen oder kratze mich mit einem nackten Fuß am Bein.
Ich schaue ja auch gerne hin bei anderen. Und finde es immer so unverständlich, dass sie gar nicht wissen, wie interessant ihre Füße sind ;)

Do you have fantasies about kissing and licking the feet of another girl?

Like you I do have ;)

Thank you very much!
I hope you like my answers.
And once again sorry that it took so long.


  1. Vielen Dank für deine ehrliche Antwort, was ich vergessen habe in die Frage zu packen ist ob du das "teasen" auch machst wenn er neben sich seine Partnerin hat?

  2. Ha, what can I say, I missed you and loved you showing up even if just for this. Specially since it was very insightful, along with the DA answers (that I had already seen)

    About these ones, well... I guess you had to expect those inevitable first questions. I know it could be frustrating to deal with it so immediately like nothing else matters, although I am no saint... Me on the receiving end (first question) and as executioner (second question) have frequently crossed my impure mind, forgive me! :\

    About the one I had to translate... I think I need girls like you near me, teasing me like that when I check out! :O
    And the one about caressing a girls' feet... Oh my, there goes my mind! Joining that to the first questions, do you want me to lose my breath? ;)

    I enjoyed both your Q&A sessions. Shame I didn't participate but I like to ask questions as they occur to me and as you post something new, as you don't seem to be on platforms that allow quick and immediate chats. But I love every second of any interaction with you. Keep it up!

    Kisses on your feet! ;D ***

    1. Thank you very much. It is great that you loved my AMA.
      You can always ask me questions.

  3. Danke Dir, Karina!
    Nicole ist so süß, ich wünschte sie hätte noch viel mehr gemacht.
    Ich habe alle ihre Bilder und Videos gekauft. Gibt es irgendwo mehr von ihr?
    Dich mag ich natürlich auch. Du bist einfach viel nahbarer als diese Footmodels.
    Danke für deinen Blog und alles!