Saturday, December 22, 2018

My Christmas Feet - Ready for Christmas

Have some great holidays my friends!

My feet are now ready for Christmas.
I hope you enjoyed  my latest pictures.
Now you can see my feet with some more decoration.
I hope you really like it. I would not blame you if you expected more.

But here are my feet with some Christmas decoration. Just for you and your holidays.

Have a wonderful Christmas time!!!

Karinas Christmas-Feet Part II

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I hope you like the pictures. Check them out in full-size. They look better than in the previews.
(I promise)
Have some great holidays.
Thank you for visiting my blog. It has been such a wonderful year with you!

Karina loves you!


  1. Another nice present, so soon. :)
    My favorite are the last pictures, with the tied toes.

    1. Thank you very much!
      I am very thankful that you wrote a comment. It is sad that there are not more nice people like you.
      You get a special Kiss from me!!!
      Thank you for being here! Have a great new year!

    2. Thank you for the reply and the special kiss. :)
      I wish you for the new year many new fans and visitors, as well as returning old ones, who will give you many nice and flattering comments. And I hope that you will see many cute and pretty feet during the year. :)

  2. Just excuse what I will say as it's not mean intended and is just playful but... I LOVE to see your feet playing with balls! xD
    But now seriously, love the set and the idea. I guess this way even I could have fun hanging decorations... Is it normal that I want to remove them with my mouth and not wait until Christmas is over to do it? ;D
    Keep up the fun content and I hope thw joking comment didn't get you mad! :D I mean, of course it gave some ideas but... Let's not get hasty! ;D

    Kisses on your feet! **

    1. No problem, I like jokes!
      If you want to take down the decorations with your mouth, feel free to do so! But you have to wait. It is common here in Germany to take down the Christmas-Decoration some day in early January!

      Thank you very much that you enjoyed my pictures!
      Have a great new year!

  3. Samd here in Portugal (you get that little info about anonymous me) but it's hard to wait if that's how I'm taking it down! What about... If I remove them but put them back on with my mouth many times? ;D I'm sure I'll have the appetite for all those times! Would just have to find a new excuse after Christmas season is over! ;D

    Happy new year once again and kisses on your feet ** ;)

    1. If you like that, of course. Welcome and thank you very much!

  4. Hello Karina!
    Thank you for your amazing blog and your beautiful feet.
    Your feet are the best I have ever seen. I love them!!!
    You are awesome!