Friday, January 4, 2019

Next: You will love her

Such cute feet!
Do you know who she is?

I am in preperations to do an interview with her.
And of course you can participate.

Tell me in the comments if you know her!

You recognized her?
Write it in the comments!
(Hint: She is on DeviantArt)

Please give her a big welcome on my blog!!!


  1. Is she Lemontoes?

  2. I'll have to admit: I didn't know her. But that's great, I love to always discover someone new around here! :D
    And I really liked it, she has heavenly divine feet and she keeps her content clean but with enough of an edge to tease, keep interested and make us wonder what she could do next! :D
    You have good eye for this! ;D

    Kisses on your (and Lemon's) feet! ;) **

  3. Finde den von fussphantasie gut, er spricht Frauen in einer Stadt an und lässt sich die nackten Füße von Frauen aufs Gesicht legen. Würd mich das nicht trauen.

  4. Naja kein Vergleich zu deinen! Aber ganz süß