Saturday, January 11, 2020

I have to relax...have a relaxing weekend too!

Hello my Dear Friends!
Thank you for your New Years greetings!
You are awesome.
I did not know that so many people are watching my feet, but then I checked my statistics on DeviantArt. 2.700 are watching my feet and my pictures were watched over 111.000 times last year.
I did not know that I am so "famous". I am just showing my feet, because I like feet too.
But thank you very much. It is great that I can bring you some joy with my work.
Now I have to relax! The pictures are for you! Thank you once again! We all like feet!

Karina Relaxing Barefoot

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 Thank you for your feetback!

Here is the Special for all the DeviantArt followers:

Thank you!

Don't forget to show me your Favourite Feet Pictures
and your Favourite Celebrity Feet Pictures!



  1. Cute little girl, you certainly deserve all the good things in your life.

    1. Thanks. So do you like my feet and what are you thinking about them?

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful feet with us.
    I like your big soft soles and your cute toes (your big ones are amazing).
    This makes your feet perfect to me. You are an amazing women!

    I do not understand why there are so less comments.
    Everybody should thank you for your work and your beautiful feet!

    1. Thank you very much! It is nice to get such a lovely comment.
      I hope you are feeling great like I do.

      Well, about the comments...
      I do not know. Maybe the just watch and go or they do not like my feet.
      But I still do the extra work here ;)

  3. Always a beautiful mouthwatering sight! *.*
    I'll even take this space to address something mentioned in the previous comment about the lack of comments. I'm one of the frequent commenters and even I'm failing lately :( Sometimes I happen to be a bit off and I'm away from this "happy place" and I can't be here to manifest the obvious: the effects those heavenly feet always cause! I apologize for any long abscence! :P
    It's always good to come back here and see new content. And such content! *.* I love that sole display, toes seem to be extra stunning in these pictures (but I can't really explain why! :\) and my heart always skips a bit with playful feet, I LOVE suggestive pics! (Or am I looking too far into things? :P)
    Lovely to see you relaxed! ;D And then it's also great to always come back here and... Well... Relax a bit myself, take that as you wish! ;)

    Sorry again for any occasional lack of participation!
    Kisses on your feet! ;D ***

  4. hallo meine liebe Karina, zuerstmal noch nachträglich ein frohes neues Jahr zu Dir auf diesem Wege. Deine neuen Bilder machen mich mal wieder sprachlos und ich muss aufpassen das ich nicht anfange zu sabbern.....Da sind mal wieder ein paar sehr "leckere" Fotos dabei.Vielen Dank fürs teilen der Bilder.Das deine Bilder 111.000 mal innerhalb nur eines Jahres angeklickt worden sind ist fast unglaublich und zeigt mal wieder das dass Thema Füsse doch offensichtlich für viele interessanter ist als man das im Allgemeinen vermuten würde.... Feet for Live - Yeah !! ganz liebe Grüße von deinem Peter