Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My first FOOT-Steps on the internet

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Last time I told you about how I made my first foot pictures. Let me now continue from that point.

Now then, I had some foot pictures on my PC. The more often I looked at them , the more I liked my feet. But my curiosity grew, if other people like them too. The only ones who could answer this question best, were real foot-loving people. So I began to look for a good board about foot-fetish on the internet, where I would fit in. By the way, I do not like the word foot-fetish very much, but I will tell you about that some other time.

I really did a long search until I found a board in which people talked (in my opinion) civilized. I read some articles there, looked at some pictures and decided, that I would find nothing better for my first internet appearance.

Then came the day when I uploaded my first pictures to a picture-host, but first I thought it through and through, if I really should do it. But my curiosity grew and grew and so I made my first picture contribution in that bulletin board.

Because I really did not know what to say, I just wrote “How do you like my feet?” to my pictures. I was nervous and excited and my whole body began do prickle. I also could not sleep that well that night, because I was too excited about what people would say. But after I received two nice comments I was to tired and I went to bed.

But next morning I directly jumped out of my bed to my computer. And yes, more comments about my feet were there. They told me that my feet are very pretty and that it was great that a women had joined their foot community. I felt flattered and also a kind of hotness hit my body. In no time I added some more pictures of my feet and again I was very excited about the reactions.

New comments came in but also a problem. Everybody wanted to know how and why I came to a foot fetish forum and why I share my pictures. Well it was really unusual.

I know I should have said the truth but I was afraid that they might not trust me. Well I could have said “I like feet, I like to watch feet and now I have made some pictures of my own feet”. But I was too afraid that they might think of me as a fake, who had stolen some foot pictures just to fool them.

So I came up with a small lie. I told them, that I and a girlfriend of mine just randomly came to that forum and that she said, I would not dare to show my feet there. Kind of truth or dare bet or something. Today I am still a bit ashamed of my lie but at that special time I was not brave enough to tell the truth. And I still think that they would not have understood my motivation at that time. In addition I thought that I must be a strange person, because I like feet and I have pleasure in showing my feet.

But that thrilling and excited feeling, that other people take a close look at my feet and are sexually attracted to them, never left me from that day on. So I kept on making foot pictures and whole picture series for that bulletin board. And I also met some interesting and nice friends there. And after a while it was totally natural and normal for me, that I and other people like feet.

Ok today I am not that thrilled anymore when I show my pictures. But the fact that thousands of people look at my feet and have some sexual fantasies about them excites me in another way. I cannot describe it very well, but without it, I would not do it. Maybe I am a bit exhibitionistic, because I like it to turn people on. It gives me a very good feeling.

I hope I could have given you some more insight about myself and sorry for my English.

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  1. Hello
    How are you?
    Your english is very good.
    Though most people (not us though)
    think this is weird. To me I love it and want to share in the profit of these foot adventures.

  2. Well lady, you have succeeded in me!
    Your feet are awesome! I am sooooo glad I found you! And you fulfill your idea of turning people on all too well! In other words, I love your feet!

    1. Hi

      When you are getting ready to go out during sandal season, does it turn you on to think men will be aroused by your feet and do you ever interact w/them?