Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Story about my first foot pictures


As I have told you before, since I can remember, I have always thought about feet as something special. About my feet I always thought that they are just average, but interesting too.

But how did this “foot”ography become my hobby?

You have to blame the bad weather for looking at my foot pictures right now. Yes it is true. Due to bad weather I began to take pictures of my feet. Are you confused? Ok, that is how it started…

Some years ago I bought my first digital camera. After I charged the batteries, the weather began to change and it was dark and rainy outside. So I had to look for something to photograph inside. Most objects in my room bored me after a while and also my self-portraits did not work out to be fine. And I also wanted to check out the macro modus and other stuff.

“Why don’t you take pictures of your feet, stupid girl?”

I have to admit that at that time I also have looked up some feet on the internet. Not very often, but from time to time. And I had seen my own feet only from perspectives, how an averagely flexible body can look at them. And that way my first foot pictures were made. After a while the camera’s memory card was full of pictures.

I have to admit that most of them were not very good but it was fun to watch them on my PC. I liked it to zoom in and out and to look at all the details of my feet. And on the computer monitor (in my opinion that time) my feet looked more beautiful than in reality.

I am sorry that I do not have those first pictures anymore. It would be fun to look at them now.

Ok, bad weather made me to take those pictures that day but afterwards from time to time I took more pictures of my feet. And it was boring to look at these pictures alone.

But about my first experiences on showing them on the internet I will tell you another time.

Sorry about my English, but I hope you could understand most of it.


  1. Hello!

    I hope you are doing well. I don't know how often your check your messages and stuff. However, I feel like you would be the perfect person to say this too.

    I guess confessing this stuff to you is more of a release for me than anything else becuase you seem like you would understand. However, if you don't feel like reading this, you totally don't have to. You just seem like a nice girl who would understand..and not look down on me like a weirdo...

    I guess you can say I'm like everyone else...I go to college, I'm about to graduate with a Bachelor degree, I like music and I play drums...I'm friends with a lot of people...I play xbox live...I'm just a normal guy...

    and then I get online and become a foot admirer guy that's obsessed with female feet. I guess you can also say that I'm one of the guys that's way to shy to admit anyone. All my life I've been interested with feet...from the time i was small (and not ashamed of anything) to the man I am now. (22 years old). It's just something I feel thats harmless and dirty at the same time...I feel like it's taboo and that I shouldn't be staring at people's feet all day/night... I guess it's something I can't explain, but when you talked about it in one of your posts, I could relate to every single thing
    you said. There's an innocense to it that you just can't explain...and thats what I admire about it. It reminds you of a happiness and the good in people.

    I've been part of the "Raw Feet" community on myspace before. I visit Wusfeetlinks on a weekly basis...and now I find myself keeping up with your blog(which I feel is better than both of the previous sites I just mentioned) But, it's not in a perverted way...and I don't want to feel like i'm "stalking" becuase then I would feel weird. I'm just really interested in what you have to say and, of course, your pictures that you put on display for people like myself.

    So I decided to leave you this comment in hopes that you would understand and maybe tell me what you think about it. I know this isn't a private deal so you can write me on my blog. I don't really care what people think anymore (especially becuase noone i know is following me....atleast i hope they aren't.)

    Anyway, I don't know how much traffic you get to this site, but maybe we could write one another from time to time through blogspot. I just followed you, I have a Japanese Name :) I'm not trying to come on to you or anything, I just want to able to talk to someone that's like me, becuase right now you are the only person I know that really is available to talk to me about things like this from time to time.

    Have a good day and thank you for this wonderful blog.

  2. The history of your first experience is very interesting !
    Many girls share photos of their feet because their boyfriend is foot fetish ... but you no, you are different !
    Thank you for that.

  3. Hello
    how are you
    these are excellent photos
    nice theme
    and nice object of interest.
    truly excellent.

  4. Hi Karina.Your English is near perfect and very understandable. I have a German last name that I can not even pronounce. I've always liked feet but often felt uncomfortable about it. I always wondered how a woman would feel about me admiring their feet. And I felt guilty about it. I like your blog because it is from a woman that wants me to look at her feet and can tell me how she feels about guys that do. My name is Lee and I live in St Petersburg, Florida, USA