Monday, January 4, 2010

I am back again

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Hello my dear blog readers!
Well, I am back again. Did you miss me?

Well I have to tell you that I am still missing you. Why? Because nobody has sent me some feedback in the meantime.
Hmm… three comments and two mail, that is not really much.

I think you footlovers are all too shy. Ok from my experience I know that people on the internet are always too lazy to say “Thank You”. And most grab the pictures and leave as fast as they can. That is sad, because the internet is something to participate. But I stopped worrying about that fact a long time ago.

I know that my is very new and it has to evolve. But how should I do that if I do not know what you are interested in?

In lack of feedback I used a blog analyzing tool to learn what people are interested in. I am happy about that about 100 people visit my blog on a daily basis. Most enter the page directly on the front page, so that I cannot see, what they are looking at. After that most people click on the articles (well I was not surprised) with pictures. But surprisingly enough, most viewed are not the articles with pictures of my feet. It is the articles about celebrity feet people like most. That is interesting to know. So I will keep on posting some celeb feet pictures. Maybe some of them who look for celebs will read my other articles too.

After the blog entries with celeb feet most people look at my pictures and videos. Least viewed are my articles with texts. Well that is a bit sad, because these articles are the biggest work for me. It takes a lot of time to write and translate it in English. But I think I have to lay more effort in this text based articles. Because I really do not want make just another picture blog. The web is full of those kind of blogs.

Well, that was my first analysis and as I said before, my blog does not exist that much long yet. But you really would make me happy if you would give me more feedback. I want to make this a better blog.

Once again a Happy New Year to you all!!!



  1. Hi Karina. Firstly I would like to compliment you on the fact your feet are incredibly beautiful and secondly I have been following your blog for some time and the effort you put in making it is very much appreciated.

    It is so amazing to hear about the beauty and attraction to feet from a female perspective and the fact you write an almost daily blog about it is brilliant!

    I have a suggestion for you and hopefully you will agree with me. I've had a huge foot fetish for as long as I can remember and one thing I have noticed is that you can pretty much tell what a girl's feet look like by just looking at her hands. Have a look for yourself at different pictures of feet and hands of that person and you might see what I mean.

    So my suggestion (for what it's worth, lol!) is to have pictures comparing hands to the feet and see if what I am saying is true. For example, dainty hands and long slender fingers usually means the girl will almost certainly have narrow and long feet with shapely and long toes etc.

    I've tried this with various female (friends and strangers) feet and without seeing their feet and just by looking at their hands I can imagine how their bare feet look like - I've not been wrong so far! Plus, as it is winter and all feet are wrapped up in socks and boots it makes it more fun to imagine what the feet look like.!

    Other may disagree and I may be wrong, but it will be fun finding out!

  2. southerncrossfire44February 3, 2010 at 9:39 PM


    For what it's worth, I really appreciate your text posts (although I enjoy ypur foot pics and celebs, too).

    There are lots of places on the internet to see foot pics, but not very many where women talk about their sensual appreciation for bare feet. That makes you very special and unique!

  3. Hello
    How are you
    I support you and your text.
    I also support you and your photos and videos of You.
    You are the biggest celebrity
    At least to me you are more important than those fake rich people.