Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Adventures on Myspace

Everyday more people ask me about what had happened to my Myspace-Site. Well, I really do not know. Maybe my account has been hacked and was closed to prevent spam mails. Or, more likely, some people were offended at a foot showing girl. I think that must be it, because also other sites with foot content got deleted. Today I got mail from my friend Twisted Toes, who told me that also her site has been closed.

I ask myself who is complaining about those foot sites? People who hate feet? Moralizers, who discovered that feet are that much alluring, that they have to prevent the youth form looking at feet? Or do some advertisers not want to see their ads combined with beautiful feet?

Ok. I had a good time there on Myspace but now it is over. And with 300 friends there it also was difficult for me to keep up. That means: No, I will not create another account.
But I can tell you the story, how I came to Myspace and what I had experienced there.

As I told you before, I started with my foot-photography in a (at that time) small German foot bulletin board.  After some time, I decided that I want to show my feet to the whole world. And I wanted a place, where everybody can find me. Because you do not have to be a Myspace member to look into the profiles and read the blogs there, I thought that would be the best place to go.

Then everything happened very fast. I received friend requests and mails day ba day, and everyday more. I did not know that so many people are interested in feet. People of all ages from around the world cared about me and my feet. Many just told me that they adore my feet or gave me some tipps for future pictures. But some talked very openly to me, so that I got a deeper insight into the world of feet.

What have I learned? First of all, there are many  many footlovers in this world.  So nobody has to feel strange if he likes feet. And more important, most footlovers are not the totally extreme hardcore foot fetishists (a thing most women are afraid of when they hear the word “foot fetish”). No,  most think that besides other body parts, feet are just beautiful and erotic. They call themselves “foot fetishists”, but only because they do not have another world for it.

Ok some freaks also contacted me, but hey, it is the internet. But the best was when also women wrote to me. Some just enjoyed walking barefoot and others just liked feet. Ok, it were not many women, but it helped me not to think that I am kind of strange.

My best moments on Myspace began, when I got invited in the Rawfeet-Group. I think we were 20 or more girls and every week there were new topics, you had to translate in pictures with our feet. Besides “normal” topics like toes, soles, different shoes, close-ups, socks, lotion, oil, or holiday themes there were also some funny topics like feet with vegetables or fruit etc. It was so much fun to look how the other girls translated the topics and we all wrote comments and so on. Ok. Most fun had the men in the group, because they could see so many foot pictures every week.

At the end of the month we all voted for the “feet of the month”.  That was not easy to win, because some girls had (some through their commercial sites) a strong fan base.  But I can tell you, I won the feet of the month award twice.
For myself I can tell you, having fun was more important than winning something.  But some girls took it very serious and so there were some conflicts and also some left the group. I was in the group for the last three years, but in the end there was not much participation there. What a pity, but I think all good things have an end.

I think everyone who read this and has not been in that group might get jealous, because you missed it. Unfortunately I did not save many pictures from that time. But I can give you a small insight of what we did in that group.

Here is a short slideshow:

Deine Bilder und Fotos in einer Slideshow auf MySpace, Knuddels oder deiner Homepage!alle Bilder dieser Slideshow anzeigen

At this point I want to send all my best wishes to my girlfriends of the Rawfeet group. It was wonderful to do that with you and I really miss you!

Overall it has been a nice time on Myspace. But I will not create another account there or on any other platform, because I do not really have the time for all that social community stuff.


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  2. hey Karina :) I bumped into your blog by chance, but I am amazed by how casual, cool and cute you are about feet. I really wish that more people were like you - accepting feet are just a part of body. Not only that but they are sensitive and have nice curves. I really cant understand people that make the "ewww" sound when they hear about feet. Ok, feet can be gross sometimes, but what do people that like asses think they can be gross??? - let me not get into details and analogies... :)
    I promise I will follow you blog closely - i am starting to read it now :) And besides that - I spent more than 5 years in Germany, studying in Berlin :) So I definitely have extra interest in German feet :) I think you are one of the proofs that German girls have nice feet :)
    Keep it up Karina, and I hope to stay in touch with you :)

  3. @decadent_82:
    Hi, thank you and welcome to my blog. Well, it is my intention to make feet a bit more popular. I wish some more people would "bump into my blog", and especially some women. It is just normal to like feet.

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