Friday, August 20, 2010

Karina on the Couch

Nein, ich liege nicht beim Therapeuten auf der Couch. Soweit habt ihr mich noch nicht gebracht. Nein ich, relaxe gerade etwas und es ist noch genug Platz für euch. Also setzt euch einfach zu mir...

Viel Spaß mit den Bildern!

No, I am not on the couch at the therapist. You did not get me so far yet. No I am just relaxing. But there is enough space for you. So please sit down...

Enjoy the pictures!



  1. Hehe bezaubernde Foto´s auf eine schicken weién leder Couch ! ;-)

    Die Posen sind auch gut gelungen und irgendwie erinnern die Bilder mich an ein Szenario was du vorgeschlagen hattest Karina. :-)

    Danke für dieses Präsent zum Wochenende und bei mir ist auch noch Volksfest ! ;-)

    Der Benny :-)

  2. There is absolutely nothing beautiful in these feet. I don't like the soles, they are so big, that they look like man's feet. Nothing femine in them!!

    Now I know, that the fan boys will jump at me, saying - then why do you watch them, why do you comment? If you don't like it, then go away!! :D :D

    To get this straight, I don't have to like something to comment it. I write here to give my opinion, I don't care if someone doesn't like it. If you don't like it, don't read it :D

    Karina, you can't expect to always get only positive comments. I don't want to offend you, I'm just giving my opinion.


  3. Hey, Alexander. I do not have a problem with negative feedback. If people like my feet - they like them, if not - then not. That's ok for me.
    I also need no fan boys. This is a place for everyone.
    I am just wondering, why you just came here to comment on one single post? No offense, it just makes me curious.

  4. I was sent a link to your blog from a girl in MySpace. I visited it. I saw some pictures, I didn't like them. Then I saw some "admiration" comments from a few fan boys, I didn't like them. I decided to comment.
    So I commented in the last post.

    Although I don't like your feet very much( only their tops, I don't like your soles ), I like your writings. They are interesting.

    That's the funny thing about fan boys, you don't need them, but they are sure you do.

  5. feet_are_cute

    "I was sent a link to your blog from a girl in MySpace. "

    That's interesting. So there are girls visiting this blog( or at least one girl... );

  6. feet_are_cute

    So why are you so sure it's fan boys?
    They might be fan girls... :D

  7. Wow, that is interesting. Since I got deleted by Myspace I do not know what is going on there. But it is nice to know that I have a female reader who also recommends my blog to others. Could you please give her a big hug or say thank you for me?
    And please do not tell me about fan boys. They destroyed the whole group on Myspace I was in, in the days I have been there. Not because they talked too much, it was because they all were too afraid to talk.
    That is why I do not like it that you call everyone here "fan boy". I always tell my readers that they should also give some reasons why they like or dislike something. And there has been critizism before.
    So you prefer smaller feet than mine, but you like some of my articles. Hey, that would have been a great start for a first comment. But I know, to be heard on the internet someone always has to provoke till somebody listens. Nothing new to me, I like forums (insert smilies here).

  8. feet_are_cute

    The fan boys are not the ones, who don't talk at all. These are just... uninterested boys.

    Fan boys are those, who talk a lot. They talk about something, which they like very much. But they don't just talk about it, they attack everyone, who has an opinion, different from their own.

    If you want to see fan boys, just write in youtube or google "mma vs boxing", "mac vs pc", or something in these lines.

    If Alexander just said "I like small feet and I like your articles", no one would pay big attention to his comment :D You have to get your point more... "aggressively" to get people's attention.

  9. Without sarcasm for feet_are_cute !!!
    "Fan boys are those, who talk a lot. "

    Aha ... what are you trying to say now?

    I know these kind of people...


  10. feet_are_cute

    "Fan boys are those, who talk a lot."
    Yea, that's right, there you go. Now you just need to keep reading, until you get to the end of my message. :)

    DSL... I really can't understand what is your problem with me.
    This is the second time you quote something I've said... and you completely throw it out of context.
    And then you try to ironize me... :D

    I didn't express myself very well in the previous comment, but... come on!! Are you going to do this every time I write a comment??

    Let's not turn every topic into a chat...

  11. Excuse me, then you misunderstand something...And I have no problem with you...
    I do not see this as a chat platform, here is supposed to be discussed !
    And unfortunately there are often more stupid posts here, but often under the Germans.
    Let us end this discussion once before more is misunderstood. And what if in the future is unclear ... Ask. Will always answer honestly.

  12. feet_are_cute

    Agreed about ending it.

    I'm not actually very surprised, that there are female readers here. I've always thought, that there must be also some girls, who are visiting this blog.
    But now after what alexander said, I can be sure about that.

  13. LOL .. Alexander .. you drove me to comment on a forum after I said to Karina I would never do that :)
    (I guess she might recognize her french fan ...)

    Well .. saying you dont find them beautiful .. why not .. Big .. that's for sure ...

    But non feminine or like men's feet I dont agree at all .. those feet are really feminine.. lovely curves .. delicate toes ... deep arches...

    So maybe you dont like them but you really can't say that :)
    and .. it's obvious ok, but i have to say I love her feet ;)

  14. hmm...mein englisch is echt zu eingerostet....ich mag die couh foto´s...und jaaaaa...ich wünschte ich wär auf der couch.. ;) um die Sohlen aus der Nähe zu betrachten ^^
    naja...und zu den englischen posts...nett wenn jemand deine füße nicht mag..besser als die ewigen ja sager... ;)
    Danke vielmals für die geilen Foto´s ..

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