Sunday, September 5, 2010

Celeb Feet: Mischa Barton requested by Chris

Mein eifriger Blogleser und lieber Freund Chris hat sich schon vor soooo langer Zeit gewünscht, dass ich mal ein Celebrity-Special über Mischa Barton mache. Leider ist mir immer wieder etwas dazwischen gekommen. Nun ist es aber endlich soweit.
Ich danke dir auch noch einmal lieber Chris, dass du mich auf diese wirklich hübschen Füße aufmerksam gemacht hast. Soweit ich weiß, hat sie Schuhgröße 41 EU/10 US. Groß genug für mich...

My constant blog reader and very good friend Chris requested a Celebrity-Special about Mischa Barton a so long time ago. I alsways had other things to do on my blog and nearly forgot about it. But now here it is.
I also want to thank Chris that he has called my attention to those very beautiful feet. As far as I know she wears a shoesize 41 EU/10 US. Big enough for me....






  1. feet are cute

    Hi Karina, thanks for these pictures...
    It's very exciting to see a girl, talking about how she likes the feet of another girl.

    I like the 12th picture very much, where she has placed her hands on her feet. I've noticed, that girls always do this, when they are barefoot - the moment they take of the shoes, their hands are on their feet.

    I also like the first and the third pictures - you have a very good look at her soles.
    She is has a very pale skin, and her feet are very white. But on the soles, her heels and her toes are pink - it looks cute.

    On these pictures, you can also see how big her feet actually are. Before I didn't like big feet very much, I thought, that girls should have small feet...

    So I saw this as an imperfection in her.
    I thought, that it's very sweet, how there is something, which makes her imperfect - "hey, she looks like an angel, but even she has one little thing in her, which isn't perfect - her feet. How cute..."

  2. Very nice collection you have there again worn together !!
    Thank you...


  3. Das ist doch was, man kommt vom Festival wieder und wird gleich mit einer so bezaubernden Kollektion an Bildern begrüßt ! :-)

    Vielen Danke dafür Karina

    Der Benny :-)

  4. Hi Karina,
    ich Danke Dir von ganzen Herzen für dein Mischa Barton Special für mich.
    Freue mich sehr, das du es doch noch geschafft hast, dies für mich zu machen.
    Und ja ich mach dich doch gern auf so schöne Sachen (Füße) Aufmerksam...

    LG dein Chris
    P.S. Hoffe bis bald mal wieder....

  5. Another amazing collection, Karina! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    I love that Mischa is absolutely not shy about showing her feet, or going barefoot outdoors. I particularly love the two photos of her sitting on the ice chest. She's just casual and relaxed, and her dirty sole shows that she's been happily walking around barefoot for a long while.

    Barefoot Sorority