Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From My Archive: Foot Close-Ups II

Und weiter gehts mit den Nahaufnahmen von meinen Füßen. Ich würde diesen Teil jetzt "Fuß-Teile" nennen. Aber egal. Wie gesagt habe ich in den Ordner "Close-Ups" einfach alle Bilder eingeordnet, bei denen die Kamera recht nahe an den Füße stand, oder ich Makroaufnahmen gemacht habe.

And there we go with some more Close-Ups of my feet. I would call this series "foot parts". As I said before, I have saved a lot of pictures under the name "close-ups". Always then, when the camera was very close to my feet or I used the macro feature.

Und jetzt viel Spaß mit den Bildern!
Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Sehr viele aufnahmen die zum Kitzeln animieren ! ;-)

    Obwohl ich die Fersenaufnahme in der ersten reihe irgendwie doof und unpassend finde, aber egal ist nur meine persönliche Meinung.

    Am besten gefallen mir, der Reihe nach von Oben nach unten:

    Foto: 2, 5, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 17 und 18 :-)

    Vielleicht lässt sich ja da ein Muster erkennen (oder auch nicht)

    Jdenfalls vielen dank für die Fotos und ich glaub bei Ask Karina ist noch eine Frage für dich offen. ^^

    Der Benny :-) (ja genau der^^)

  2. feet are cute

    I have never seen so close up pictures... of a girl's feet. I can almost imagine how I'm kissing them( or how some girl is kissing them ).

    The ones with your heels are interesting, I've never seen a girl with so soft heels. Most girls have really rough heels, it's awful. But yours are so soft. I really have no idea how you keep your feet so soft and smooth, Karina... Especially when you say, that you always walk barefoot.

    You have... so many pictures of your feet, I can't believe how much you've made. The fact, that a girl... takes a camera, makes pictures of her feet, and shows them in her blog, really fascinates me...

    You can make an article for some beauty magazine - "Karina's secrets for feet care"...

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  4. Thank you all!
    And feet are cute: why did you tell me about this per email? No she have not contacted me yet. But you should not post her mail adress in public. I will delete your message now, just to protect her.

  5. feet are cute

    When I first asked her to give me her email, she told me It's not a good idea to write her there, because she is using it only for registrations and doesn't read it. She is also very proud with the fact, that there are over 3000 unread messages in her email( I can't really understand why she keeps them, when she doesn't read them...? ).

    So I don't think this would be a huge threat for her, but yea, it wasn't the greatest of ideas to post it here. I didn't think about this at all.

  6. Alexander

    I don't like the shape of your soles and their size, but I like how soft and smooth they look.

    I absolutely hate big soles, I think they are not feminine. But the softness of yours compensates for this.

    My favorite pic is the 15-nth.
    First of all, I like the tops of girls' feet. Soles are not my thing, except if they are very soft.

    But the tops of girls' feet always look so delicate and elegant... They are more gracious, soles look very clumsy to me.

    So this pic, the 15-nth( with your toes crunched ), looks very cute to me.
    The other pics I like are the ones with your heels. I'm actually amazed of how soft your heels are... Most girls have very ugly heels, yours are so soft.

    And if I have to pick a few pictures of your soles, I would choose the 5th and the 18-nth.
    In these pics your soles actually look cute.

    I don't think you care too much about my opinion, but I decided to give it anyway.

  7. Alexander

    By the way, it's very interesting for me how you make your pictures. You make them when you are alone...? Because I assume your friends and your family don't know, that you are making pics of your feet and you are showing them in internet.

    I will post this in your questions-topic, if it's not in the very personal things...?

    But really, it's amazing when I imagine how you come home, you take your boots and your socks off... You study or watch tv, or what you do when you are at home, and then at some time you decide... "hey, let's make a few pictures of my feet". Then you take a camera and you start making pictures of your feet.

    Or maybe the process is different...?

  8. feet are cute

    Yes, if I have to say which pics of her soles I like the most, it would definitely be the 5th and the 18nth.

    Other very cute pictures of her soles are these:

    I especially like the one, where her feet are tied. I like seeing the feet of a girl tied, it just looks cute when they are held next to each other.
    It's also very erotic to tie a girl's hands and feet, but that's another fetish.

    I too have always thought of the tops of girls feet as very elegant and beautiful, and of soles as the slightly "clumsier version" of the tops.

    But I like soles more, they are more interesting for me... During summer, you can see girls with high heels everywhere. You can see the tops of their feet and their toes, but their soles are hidden from your sight. And that makes them interesting, you can rarely see a girls soles, unless she takes her shoes off.

    By the way, Karina is probably getting tired of listening how her feet are very soft. :D
    But it's hard to not say it...

  9. Thank you all. It is always interesting to hear your opinions. And I like it that you have told me, which pictures you like most.
    I love my soft soles too. That's why I take so many pictures of them.
    Thank you for your comments. I love you!

  10. Ich LIEBE deine Füße! :D Bin 26, Student und stehe total auf gut gepflegte Füße!

  11. Hello
    how are you
    sadly there is no interesting object in this photo.
    But nice photo I mean I love feet.
    But still it is not visually stimulating.