Monday, September 27, 2010

From my Archive: Sleepy Feet

Ok, wir hatten Outdoor und Close-Ups, na was fehlt da noch? Natürlich die zwei "Sleepy Feet"-Sets. Immerhin haben ja 25 Prozent von euch dafür abgestimmt.
Dann beginne ich mal mit dem ersten Set. Auch diese Bilder sind schon recht alt. Ich persönlich sehe sie aber immer noch gerne. Ich hoffe ihr seht das auch so.
Viel Vergnügen!

Ok we had the outdoor and the close up pictures. And which picture set is missing? Yes the two "sleepy feet" sets. 25 percent of you have voted for those, and here they are. The first set is really old, but I stil like to watch the pictures from time to time. I hope you like them too.


  1. those are the best!

  2. you're the sweetest Thing !!

  3. So cute...
    These are the cutest pictures of a girl's feet I've ever seen! It looks very sweet...

    I want to touch them!!


  4. feet are cute

    These are my favorite...

    I like the pics, where the feet are touching... I always look for pictures and videos, where the feet are rubbing and touching.
    That's why I like to see tied up feet - they are inevitably touching each other... lol

  5. more to come?
    Karina can delete what again?
    Or you can write everything in one sentence?
    Ohh I forgot !! Fanboys !!

    Laugh my head off!


  6. DSL... you suck at sarcasm. :D :D
    Laugh your head off all you want, but stop chasing me in the blog. :D

    And why do you remember things I have wrote two months ago...??

  7. Just try to write only what you think...
    I'll end my sarcasm !
    But I end up not with my open nature...
    I am what I am ...
    and so it is now over the years that I know Karina..
    and She knows me...
    and she likes what I do...
    Fanboys can often exaggerate, and then I come to show that's enough !!
    Ignore me if you do not feel you addressed..
    But I will always be there to pay attention to certain things.
    And Karina and I often debate...because we have known for a long time,and trust each other !!
    Trust must be to develop...and I have over the years !!
    I hope you understand that now...
    There is no sarcasm ... it's honesty


  8. Na wär die Bilder nicht schön findet, der hat ne Fußphobie ;-)
    Du schaffst es immer wieder uns zu reizen mit deinen äußerst ansehnlichen Füßen.
    Danke, dass du so meinen Geschmack triffst *hihi*

  9. This is the last time I am responding to you.
    I don't like online duels and keyboard jedies.

    "Just try to write only what you think..."

    I am, actually, writing what I think.

    But with your "I am what I am; trust must be developed... and I have over the years!! bla bla bla" cliche speech, I think you are the one who isn't saying what he thinks.

    "Fanboys can often exaggerate, and then I come to show that's enough !!"

    "Ignore me if you do not feel you addressed..
    But I will always be there to pay attention to certain things."

    So you are the hero, who keeps peace and order here...?
    And you will always be there!!
    To punish us... with your mighty keyboard.
    I hope the force will be with you... (and I wish you luck in the jedi academy)

    "I'll end my sarcasm !"
    "There is no sarcasm ... it's honesty"

    So you'll end your sarcasm, but there is, in fact, no sarcasm...??
    I don't think you actually understand what sarcasm is.

    This is not an online arena.
    So from now on, as you suggested, I will ignore you.

  10. guys, I do not know what you are up to with all that. But please stop it!

  11. geile granate, man...

  12. Hello
    How are you?
    nice setting
    but still no objects of interest.

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