Friday, May 13, 2011

Where have all the comments gone?

 Tut mir leid, aber die Sache mit den Kommentaren ist nicht meine Schuld. Ich konnte die letzten Tage selber nicht einloggen.
Das ist was Blogspot auf Twitter gesagt hat:

Sorry, but it is not my fault. I could not log on to my blog for days.
Here is what blogspot said on twitter:

To get Blogger back to normal all posts since 7:37am PT on Wed 5/11 have been temp removed. We expect everything to be back to normal soon

We’ve started restoring the posts that were temporarily removed and expect Blogger to be back to normal soon.


  1. =* Nich schlimm :P

  2. Hello karina, thank you for having notified it :) he would be maybe cool to create another blog, by putting here the link, like that, that allows to continue what you estimate and all your admirers also, without losing that already built :) it is only an opinion ,Kisses to you all, and has you karina, and lives the feminine foot

  3. Hey Lumyne, I am so happy that you are still here. Thank you. I admire you...
    But about who are you talking about? Who wants to make a new blog? Tell me more.
    And (maybe per mail) tell me about that guys that only want pictures and no talking :)

  4. And (maybe per mail) tell me about that guys that only want pictures and no talking :)

    Ahh, those evil guys...
    They only want pictures and no talking...

    I'm sure they are doing other terrible stuff as well,
    like drowning little puppies and bombing hospitals.

    Bad, bad, bad guys!

  5. hihihi lol, yes, I think that people who wonder photo are just here to masturbation) is also needed, but I meant that if karina blog has worries, maybe karina got to do another one;)
    Here I hope that my English is not too bad, because it's hard to write other than AC language.
    kisses with all my heart to you all, Lumyne

  6. I don't understand you, really...

    When people want pictures from you - you complain about how people
    only want to mastrubate over your pictures, and you just want to talk.

    But... at the same time, you say things like: "I can't answer to everybody...",
    "I don't have time for writing...", etcetera.

    So you DON'T actually want to talk. So what exactly do you want, girls...?
    To just hear about how cute and pretty your feet are? But without the mastrubation thing...

  7. oua! apparement je me suis pas bien fait comprendre :) au vu de la réponse ! je pense que je parle très mal l'anglais ,normal je suis francaise :) bon tant pis, je préfère arrêter la discution ,car mes propos en anglais ne sont pas compris comme en francais :( je disais que les photos pouvais apporter a certain l'envie d'une masturbation et il en faut ;) mais que le texte aussi pouvais avoir une contribution érotique :)
    voilà, allez j'arréte ici et vous souhaite a tous bonne continuation
    bisous Lumyne

  8. @lumyne

    Ooooh Shit,
    I forget to masturbate...? Really ?
    Shit, what can i do ??

    Sorry Sweetheart, it makes me really sad to read something like this...
    You can ask Karina, And (maybe per mail),i swear on anything in my Life, i never masturbate on any Pic of Karina or of yours...

    But i have some other question:
    Whats the Problem in Womans World ?
    It sounds like "Men only run wanking through his fucking Life" !
    Everything is wrong !! Looking on Breasts is wrong, looking on the Ass is wrong...
    Men just thinking about SEX !!
    And we have now, Men just wanking on Pics from Womans Feet !!

    The Truth is:
    Woman came from Venus and Men came from Mars, Could it be that this does not work ?

    I don't know how old are you, but your Attitude in terms of men is still very far away. Can it be ?

    Oh we will respond in French...
    *LOL* i noticed yesterday at the Euro Vision Song Contest, the French people speak only French..
    Each country had a few words of German, France not !!

    I stop here, is to stupid !!


  9. The English Translate of lumyne:

    wah! apparently I'm not made ​​clear:) given the answer! I think I speak very little English, normally I am French:) good too bad, I'd rather stop discussing it, because my comments in English are not included as in french: (I said the photos could bring a certain the envy of masturbation and it takes;) but the text could also be a contribution erotic:)
    Here, I stop going here and wish you all good luck
    kisses Lumyne

  10. And the German Part of lumyne:

    Wah! anscheinend bin ich nicht klar gemacht:) da die Antwort! Ich denke, ich spreche nur wenig Englisch, normalerweise bin ich Französisch:) gut zu schlecht, ich würde lieber aufhören zu diskutieren, denn meine Kommentare in englischer Sprache nicht wie in Französisch enthalten sind: (Ich sagte, die Fotos bringen könnte eine gewisse den Neid der Masturbation und es dauert;) aber der Text könnte auch einen Beitrag erotisch:)
    Hier halte ich werde hier und wünsche Ihnen allen viel Glück
    Küsse Lumyne

    Vielen Dank an den Google Übersetzer !!
    Merci au traducteur de Google!
    Thank you to the Google translator!

  11. :( Decidedly even my google translated poorly written: (well try again, then stop, because it makes me go for what I am not :( I said that I find it normal and nice to know that we can love the photos of Karina and myself, normal to want to masturbate looking at them (email received) but I also normal to have these same desires for written texts. I hope I have answered this time and made ​​me understand properly :) I stop here with you because the languages ​​of different countries, also convey emotions differently. Know that I was happy and glad I could discuss with you :) I am again sorry for my English or translation, not good.
    Karina and you live for the love you have for those feet
    Thousand kisses lumyne

  12. I hope you understand what i have written without the Google Translator ?

    Yes i love Karinas Feet, but i love some more the human side of her !!
    And i need no "Thousand kisses", one is enough !!
    I hope you understand...

    Let's stop here... I'm not angry, but I'm not a wanking Man !!
    I'm an enjoying Man ! Thats enough !!
    BYE and Kiss

  13. Lumyne, I like written texts too.
    I would like to talk with you...

    It doesn't have to be a conversation about feet, it can be about anything...
    Do you want? :p

  14. Sorry, but I was away for the weekend. And I do not know exactly what is going on here.

    First of all I think we can agree that we all have our language problems and that Google Translation does not do a great job. So please be a bit more thoughtful if you read something you do not understand correctly.

    I have not complained about that people demand pictures. I like to show you my feet but I also want to do a bit more than that on my blog.

    I do not want to talk? When I say that I do not have so much time for my blog anymore I mean that there won’t be new updates four times a week. Not that I do not want to talk. Usually I also do not sit 24 hours a day for my PC. I also want to encourage people to write more in the comments section. But most people only want private things from me via Email. That is what I was talking about.

    I did not create this blog to hear what pretty feet I have and I do not have a problem that people masturbate to my pictures. If someone is so turned on by my feet and wants to…I take it as a compliment. Enjoying your sex life is the most natural thing.

    I also do not understand your feelings about Lumyne. She shared a lot of great pictures and did very very well in talking about feet. I enjoyed the interview because she says what she thinks. I do not know if you would prefer an interview with a professional foot model who wants to sell something to you and tells you some lies you want to hear.

    And nobody said here that all men are some sex driven animals. Where did you get that from?

    So I really do not know what is going on here. I understand that Lumyne is annoyed that some guys photoshopped some pervert stuff out of her pictures and showed that on the internet. Now she asked me if I could take down the whole interview, because she feels misunderstood.

    I do not understand the motivation to get rid of everyone new on my blog. And I can understand now that some people do not want to comment on my blog anymore. This blog was meant to be an open-minded blog about feet. But now I can see that some people do not like it if others have a different opinion. Great, it is the internet!

  15. karina thank you for summarizing the situation, I feel less alone :)
    know that I am glad that I could communicate with you,
    if you have any questions posed to Karina or me, write to Karina who will tell me by mail :) I will gladly answer, there is no taboo issue ;)
    I embrace you lumyne

  16. I shall comment!!!!!!! Evil evil no comment people!*bows* You are so wonderful and your blog helps brighten the web. Keep on rocking o'goddess!!!