Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Karina's Feet: Fan Fantasies and Fiction

As you may remember, some people of my community asked me if I could make a place on my blog where people could write their fantasies they have, when they look at my feet pictures. I was not sure about it, so I let you all vote.
94 % were in favour of it. Of those more than the half said, that they would like to contribute with a story or a fantasy they have with my feet.
Well ok then, let's do it!
I am excited about to read all your fantasies!
All the rules, how it works, things you can write and so on...read about it after the break.....



1.STORIES: People who proposed this fantasy section are (in my opinion if I got this right) interested in what you fantasize about while looking on some specific pictures or videos of my feet. So it does not have to be a long story. Just the thoughts you have when you look at my feet pictures. Things you want to do etc.

2. WRITING: You can write your story in the comment section. I will copy it and put it in this thread. I will give the story a number so people can write comments to your fantasy. After the story is released here, I will delete it from the comments.

3. PICTURES: It would be great if you could post some picture links. It would make your story more interesting and more understandable.

4. CENSORSHIP: I do not want to censor so much, but I do not want to hear about hardcore action things with me. It is about the feet. Things like "...my D. on Karina's feet" is ok, if you want to. But please do not use to many explicit words. And do not forget it is about the feet.

5. LANGUAGE: You can write in English or German. Sorry that I do barely understand other languages. I also will not translate the user-stories.

6. HAVE FUN: Surprise me an all the readers of my blog with your stories. I am excited and I hope you are  too.

7. LINK: There is now a link on the right side of this blog under "Me elsewhere" called "KARINAS FEET FOOTSTORIES". So you can easily navigate to the stories.


#5: Max

My fantasy would involve you getting home after a long hard day at work or whatever it is that you do. You know one of those days where all you want to do is get home and kick your shoes off. because they are all hot and sweaty?

As you get home, you kick your shoes of and order ME, your personal footslave, to first sniff and then kiss your feet while smothering my face with them.

And then you'd ask me to delicately suck on each and every single toe of yours ensuring I use my tongue to soothe your toes. You'd then order me to slide my tongue between each toe and then lick your soles from the bottom of your heel to the bottom tip of your toes over and over until you are completely satisfied. Once I'm done with one foot, you repeat the whole process of ordering me on how to worship your other foot.

When you're completely satisfied, you could then dismiss me or do as you please as my duty as your footslave would be complete. But obviously i'll be willing to be any sort of slave for you and those feet ;) Anyways.... I'd be perfectly happy if that's all I got to do every single day. Love your feet.... fantasize about the all the time.

#4: Scottie

 Hi Karina,

 I like to travel a lot, so I always think that in one of my trips I will see you in a Bar (or something like that) and I would approach to you to say that Im a huuuuuge fan of your blog and eventually, after a nice talk you would invite me to your place to lick your soles and toes and take pics for your blog. After all of this and beg to you.... you would perform a foot job to me and I would cum until you drain me dry.

#3: Vladimir

In my fantasies, I imagine that we are together in some nice hotel room. We have been chatting for
awhile and at some point we have decided to meet up. You are laying on a couch in the hotel room. You have taken the shoes off, but you still have your socks. (Like in this clip of yours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0P03fB7JMs) I come and sit on the couch next to your feet. I take both of them in my hands and put them on my legs. I slowly peel each sock off, revealing your beautiful, soft feet.

Then I raise both of your bare feet and I place your soles on my face. They are so soft - their touch is
so pleasant. (I can almost feel it, while writing this...) I start rubbing them all over my face. Then I start kissing and licking one foot, while the other one I place over my pants. I start rubbing your foot in my groin area. I continue to kiss and lick your other foot. I kiss each of your toes, one by one. Then I place a few kisses on your sole. Then I lick your whole foot, from heel to toes. Meanwhile I am unbuckling my pants. I take the foot that is on my groin, and I place it inside my pants. After I reach an orgasm, I would love to see you licking your own feet.

#2: Vladimir

My other fantasies with Karina often involve her with another girl. I imagine that, again, she is in a
hotel room, together with some girl. Karina is laying on a bed, blindfolded, with tied hands and feet. The other girl is sitting next to her head. Let's call her Stella in the story. She has some cute pink, ankle socks on her feet. Firs she places her socked feet on Karina's face. She leaves them there for awhile. After some time she starts peeling the socks off her feet - but only about through a half of each foot. She tells Karina to remove the remaining of each sock with her teeth. Which she obediently does. Now she can feel two bare, soft soles on her face. Stella tells Karina to start kissing them.

Karina begins with some soft kisses on the toes, then she continues downward towards the soles and
the heels. But kissing isn't enough for her, so she starts licking too - and before you know it, her mouth is filled with toes. And she is sucking them, and going with her tongue inbetween them. Stella decides it wouldn't be fair if Karina doesn't receive any foot love in return, so soon she lays back on the bed towards Karina's tied feet, takes them in her hands, and starts playing with them. Karina finds out what it feels like to have her feet touched, kissed and licked by another girl. She didn't expect that to happen. This is the third time she is meeting with this girl, and the 'deal' at the beginning was that she could worship Stella's feet, but Stella woudn't return the favor. Karina even agreed to be tied up this time, since that was a big fetish for Stella.
The rest of the story would be somewhat explicit - with feet rubbying between the girls' bare legs, and even oral sex - so I am ending it here.

#1: B

Karina muss in der eine Stunde Ecke auf Zehenspitzen stehen, weil sie wieder frech war. In diesem zeitrahmen necke ich ihre weichen Sohlen mit einem Wartenbergrad, welches ich rauf und runter gleiten lasse und quer über ihren Ballen knapp unter den Zehen auf welchen sie steht fahre. Dabei stell ich ihr verwirrende und alberne Fragen um ihre Konzentration zu stören damit sie das Kitzeln nicht unterdrücken kann. ;-)

Karinas Arme sind ans Bett gefesselt und ihr Mund zugeklebt während ihre Sohlen dazu verdammt sind mir einen Footjob zu verpassen. :-P

Mit hilfe von mehren Springseilen die Karina in einen Korb im Schrank versteck, fessel ich Oberkörper und Beine und unterziehe ihren dreckigen Sohlen eine intensive Reinigung mit Seifenwasser, fiesen Topfschwamm, Pflegecreme, elektrischer Zahnbürste und einer Ziegenhaarbürtse um die Sohlen nochmal abzustauben nur um sie nach dem Sauber sind zu "Sklaven" meiner Zunge zu machen.

Karina wird von mir in der nähe der Dünnen am Strand abgefangen und auf den Sand gerungen, ich umklammere ihre Beine und kitzel die sandigen weichen Sohlen heftig mit meinen Fingern, kreise mit der Fingerspitze in der Sohlenmitte und zeichne eine schlängellinie bis zur Ferse und wieder zurück, streiche den Sand mit hilfe einer Möwenfeder von den Sohlen und aus den Zehenzwischenräumen und höre Karina lachen und flehen. Nach langen gnadenlosen Kitzeln ist sie zu erschöpft um sich zu wehren so das sich meine steifes Glied um ihre süßen Sohlen kümmern kann und sie nach ausgiebiger Behandlung ordentlich "eincremt".


  1. Keeping it pretty simple, I dream about having your toes in my face, lick your soles and finally a footjob and cum all over your feet Karina. I think I would give anything to receive a foot job from you.

    Thank you for your fantastic blog and for being so nice.

    A 25yo huge fan from Chile :)

  2. Hello Karina you have very sexy feet especially your soles I would like to hump them and cum all over them . What size are they ?

  3. I could receive a footjob everyday from you at least 3or4 until you drain me dry , sexiest soles i've seen

  4. I dream about having your feet all over my face and smell them and lick them. I think your feet are really HOT!!

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  6. Hey Karina,
    My biggest fantasy by far is to smell your stinky feet after you've been wearing the same shoes for weeks and just came back from the gym. I would love to inhale all of the intoxicating aroma of your smelly, sweaty, stinking feet when they are unthinkably stinky !! I love smelling feet !!

    1. Also, whenever I look at your feet I'm always wondering what they smell like and how stinky and sweaty they are. I love the scent of stinky, smelly, sweaty feet and would love to smell your feet after you've worn the same shoes and socks for ten years and ran at the gym all day..... That scent x1000 is what I would love to smell from your feet! I would love to bury my nose in your toes and smell your toes for hours, inhaling all the intoxicating aroma of your unthinkably stinking feet !!!

  7. Lolz that is kind of funny, I never knew people have such fantasies and people will have blog to fantasies about them. Interesting post :)

  8. Karina received an invitation for a private foot fetish party. The hosts of the party were a group of five girls. These girls enjoyed having their feet worshiped and they often invited some guy to do this for them. But recently they had found Karina's blog. They were pretty amazed that its possible for a girl to be attracted by the feet of other girls. They decided it would be really fun to have a woman at their feet this time.

    Karina accepted the invitation and on the announced date, she was at the given address. A house had been rented for the party. Karina knocked on the front door and she was told from inside that it is open and that she can come in. Karina entered the place and saw the girls in the living room, sitting on a sofa and playing with their smartphones. They didn't give her much attention, she was just told to come and sit on the floor, in front of them. Karina did as asked. When she sat on the floor, a socked foot was immediately given to her for a massage, with a mention that if she wanted to remove the sock, she would have to do it with her teeth.