Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Most Beautiful Feet of Game of Thrones

Hello my dear friends!

Thank you. It is nice to see that so many of you participated in this poll.
More than 800 votes? This is amazing! Thank you!
I never thought that so many people would participate in this survey.
Thank you very much!

You surprised me once again.  Your votes were so close. Please tell me in the comments about your decision for your favourite feet from Game of Thrones.
But are you excited to see the resulsts? Here the are........

The most beautiful feet of Game of Thrones, here they are!

 1. Maisie Williams/Arya Stark [149 Votes]

This voting is so close. Only 2 votes more than Emila Clarke. For me it is a draw. Your opinion?
But my congratulations to Maisie Williams for "the most beautiful feet of Game of Thrones"!

2. Emilia Clarke / Danerys Targaryen [147 Votes]

Yes, this was a close race. I for me, Emilia Clarke and Maisie Williams, both of them are the winners of this contest. I really like their feet.

I see that you were very undecided when it comes for to determine first place. But it was also undicedid to name who would win the third place. In short, I would say that both of them deserve it to share the third place.

3. Lena Headey / Cercei Lannister [97 Votes]

4. Sophie Turner / Sansa Stark [95 Votes]

Thank you all, that you participated in my "Feet of Thrones" poll. It has been a great fun to make something like this happening. And if you want to see some more of the GoT-Feet, feel free to visit my original post:

And here are the official results:

Thank you very much! Enjoy the first episode of Game of Thrones tonight! And leave me a spoiler-free comment about your favourite feet of GoT!


  1. Oh ich habe vergessen diesen Voting-Link zu klicken den ich vollkommen übersehen habe.
    Dachte das Voting würde via Kommentar stattfinden, kein Wunder das Oona Chaplin nicht auftaucht und so viele Stimmen plötzlich zustande gekomemn sind. xD

    Der Benny :-)

  2. Not enough love for my Hannah Murray :( She's a bit of a rarity, maybe that's why I found her so exciting! :P

    Using this ranking and these winners, I'd have Emilia Clarke as #1. She really is one of my #1s and... This might sound silly but I still can't disconnect Maisie from little girl Arya! :S Even if she's grown into a terrific woman!

    Still a very fun and trivial topic you pulled off here :D Who's your favourite? ;D

    Kisses on your feet! ;) **

  3. Yes, Maisie's and Emilia's feet are so beautiful!