Sunday, October 13, 2019

Are you ok?

Hey my dear friends!

I am fine. But I care about you too.
Please tell me how you feel.
Is everything ok? What did you do today?
...and have you seen some beautiful feet you would like to show to me? It could be some of your favouite footmodels or celebrity feet,
Please entertain me.
Tell me more about yourself.
I would love to know you better.

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  1. Hey Karina!
    Haven't commented in a while, but as soon as I had the time and the mood I check your blog and I do the same as always... Pay a lot of attention to the comments section (the positive part) that is always very revealing! ;)

    I'm always checking feet, of course! And I love to get to know some new beautiful feet. Want to see some cute models to check out and see what you think? From the twitter world: Tootsie Bee, Pixie Nixx, Camilla Tootsies, Loira Feet, Mandastoes, TinyFeetTreat; Alaine Crissie from Instagram, x-prettylittlefeet from Tumblr. And I'm sure there are more but those are the immediate I can remember and that I might even have traded a word or two with them! ;)

    Now a little something about me... Obviously a feet fan, love the clean content like yours solely focused on the beauty of feet, love something more erotic and suggestive, love the more explicit stuff. All of it for different moods, all of it is great and enjoyable. I do believe foot fetish has a bad reputation due to terrible examples of public behaviour by guys creepily asking any girl, famous or not, to see her feet. I believe loving feet and enjoy them sexually is a beautiful thing but also part of one's intimacy. It's in my intimacy that I enjoy all of this and, as I said, I like all kinds, but I go crazy for tease! Girls that do a lot of FJs is great but I love a girl who doesn't include that in her usual content... But might drop a surprise at any time! Much more impact! ;P I also like when there are teasing and revealing subtle details in talking instead of content. And I get a lot of that from you, when you reply on comments, you're very open! ;)
    I get excited from watching but I also get very excited from fantasies. I love to create scenarios with a foot model I really like. Something very far fetches but not unrealistic! :P Hope you're not uncomfortable with it but... Yes, you have been a subject of it several times! ;D

    Hope I got to reveal some interesting stuff to you. And I hope it wasn't too long or boring :) I wait for a fantastic reply from you.
    I say goodbye to you like I always do, hoping you'll remember me slightly:

    Kisses on your feet!! ;) **

    1. Hey thank you!
      What did you found out in the comments section?

      Thanks for your twitter recommendations, I have to look them up.

      Yes the bad reputation about the passion for feet comes from people who are not decent, not respecting women and their body.
      But I hope that we can be an open-minded society where everbody respects the feelings, desires and (if you like to call it) fetishes.
      I have been always confronted with some comments or messages that I do not like. Or that I considered as rude. But I can handle that. There are much more lovely people on the internet than those trolls.
      And comments like this makes me happy.

      It is great that you share it with me and the world.
      There should be much more to follow.
      I like your thoughts. And thank you for that!

    2. Well, what I always see in the comments (and sometimes I actually go and translate the German comments) is that some people can go a bit over the edge on their observations and questions. And you... Are always very cool about it and you're always very open minded, sometimes playfully naughty and sometimes revealing. Very exciting to see you in the comment section! :D
      And you'll have to tell me what you think about those models ;) And I can always try to add some more twitter wonders like Sole Queen Bella, FlaquisFeet, Greta Cutesoles and the extremely adorable ogfeet (Sativa Skies). On the more pro side there's always eternal favourites Goddess Genesis, Sunshine Tampa, Becky Berardi (BadassBecky), Lizzy Lamb, Indica Fetish and the girls from Dreamgirls in Socks. My favourite network is still Feet4Cash that has wonderful Italian models, with PetraFeet being an eternal #1! *.*
      Tell me what you think about them if I didn't give you a list too long! :P
      Always keep up the good content, I'm glad you focus on the nice comments to continue doing your thing. I've seen lately some very entitled negative comments that made me fear you would lose motivation to continue :( But you're smarter than that! ;)

      Kisses on your feet!! ;) **

    3. Thank you very much for your suggestions.
      I have been very busy right now, but I will look them up.
      Thank you!

  2. Hallo Karina!
    Mir geht es gerade sehr gut. Denn es gibt nichts schöneres als neue Bilder von deinen süßen Sohlen zu sehen!
    Ich freue mich immer sehr, wenn es neue Fotos von deinen Füßen gibt. Aber keine Angst. Die älteren schaue ich mir auch regelmäßig wieder an. Ich liebe einfach deine Füße.

    In Sachen Websites bin ich bei allen Fußthemen auf Reddit unterwegs (feet, celebrityfeet, celebritiesbarefoot etc.) manchmal auf dem Mousepad (derzeit sehr langweilig) und natürlich auf Deviantart. Wikifeet besuche ich nur wenn ich direkt nach einer Prominenten suche.

    An Foot-Models mag ich eigentlich am liebsten Leute wie dich auf DeviantArt. Da weiß man ob eine Person auch dahinter steht.
    Bei professionellen Seiten mag ich die früheren Models von FootLoveGirls und ein paar von Footpunkz. Hier am liebsten Serenity. Sie war so natürlich. Leider gibt es sie nicht mehr.
    Ein kleiner Mix meiner Lieblingsmodels:

    Bei Celebrities ist das immer unterschiedlich. Da freue ich mich immer, wenn ich neue schöne Füße entdecke.
    Sehr gut gefallen mir die Füße von Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift aber auch von vielen anderen.
    Kleiner Celebfeet-Mix:
    Es wäre auch cool, wenn du auch mal wieder etwas über Celebrity Feet machen würdest. Ich helfe gerne dabei!

    Und was ich sehr liebe sind Musikerinnen die barfuß performen.
    Habe gerade Wolf Alice entdeckt. Das Video könnte Dir gefallen!
    Sag mir, wie es dir gefallen hat.

    Ich hoffe ich konnte dich mit meinem Kommentar und den Bildern auch etwas glücklich machen!

    1. Danke. Mir macht das auch Freude, wenn ich jemanden glücklich machen kann.
      Daher danke für das Feedback. Ich hoffe, da melden sich noch ein paar mehr.

      Lieben Dank für die ehrliche Antwort darüber, was du sonst auch gerne ansiehst.
      Sowas interssiert mich immer sehr.
      Ja auf Reddit bin ich auch öfters.
      Danke auch, dass du gleich so viele schöne Füße mitgeschickt hast. Ja, so etwas freut mich auch sehr ;)
      Du hast einen tollen Geschmack!

      Danke auch für's Video. Ich habe da auch ein paar Favoriten. Vielleicht kannst du mir ja für ein Special behilflich sein.
      Danke nochmals!

  3. It is very interesting that only two persons answer my questions in public.

    1. Because people come here to jerk off to feet..

    2. ...and they should tell me to what other feet they like to jerk off too.
      Simple enough for you?

  4. Mir geht's gut und dich wollte ich fragen, wie würdest du mich eigentlich verführen wenn du wüsstest ich steh auf deine Füße. Ps. Ich sag dir anschließend wie ich dich verführen würde.

    1. So viele Gedanken habe ich mir darüber noch nicht gemacht.

    2. Und eigentlich wollte ich eher wissen, was du dir noch so für Füße anschaust.

    3. Caterina Balivo, Veronica Maya, Daniela Katzenberger, Dorothee Bär, Ludovica Frasca, Sarah Lombardi, Vanessa Mai und last but not least Marinka aber das weißt du bereits ach und Leonie Pur aber die is n Pornostar ABER NIEMALS SO GEIL WIE DEINE. :-P

    4. Die werde ich mir mal anschauen.

  5. Hi Karina!
    Alles Güte hier im Amerika!!!

  6. Ich bin momentan einfach zu Müde zum Fragen beantworten, in natura habe ich in letzter Zeit keine Schönen Füße aber hübsche Mädchen in Turnschuhen gesehen.

    Liebe Grüße trotzdem

    der Benny :-)