Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sending some Karina Love to Everyone!

Sending some Karina Love to Everyone!

I know it has been a while...
First of all: I am fine, everything is ok with me. Thanks for asking!
Second: I am very busy. Reduced to Home Office and less working hours I took my chance to improve my skills, now studying at an online academy. Do not ask too much. It is about Online Marketing and all that stuff.
But most important: I never forgot about you. And I feel sorry. I do not like the new design here, I do not know if I want to continue my blog, and I feel sorry not answering all your questions..

Thank you for that you still like my feet.
You are awesome!!!

But for me:
Please have a heart and understand. It is too much for me at the moment to answer to everyone in person. To take pictures and everything. I need some time for myself at the moment. Hope you understand.
Is this ok?
I still have some feet pictures from previous sessions. I hope I can entertain you with them. But do not expect too much from me.
I will not be so much online at the moment. And as I said, other things are more important these days.

I love you and I always have to say thank you!
You are doing great!


Share some feet love, have fun!

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  1. Hi Karina

    Thank you for the post. Glad to hear you are well~

    So great to see more photos and hope you go well with your course

    Thank you


    1. Thank you too, dear John!
      It is great to hear that some people still like my feet. Thank you! I hope that everything is ok with you aswell.

  2. Well this blog was not that interesting lately anyway.
    No wonder you lost interest, you keep doing the same thing all te time. People get bored and uninspired, its quite natural. Making something worthwhile takes effort and dedication, and is certainly not easy.
    People been asking for new stuff for years, and you just keep taking the easy way.
    Even now looking at these 'new' photos I have the feeling I have seen them 1000x already.

    I dont even think you know how negative you sound towards your fans
    'Do not ask too much'
    'I do not like the new design here'
    'But do not expect too much from me'

    If you decide to return, please give people something positive, new and exciting. That is just wat it takes, and else, like you said, dont do it.

    Good luck with your course.

    1. Hello Chris!
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I should be talking more positive. Thanks for that. I did not notice that and I should be better with this.
      But if you do not like the pictures I take, what would you like to see?

  3. Hey Karina, danke für Deinen neuen Blog! Kein Stress, wir verlangen nichts von Dir. Wir erfreuen uns an Deinen Fotos und vor allem an Deinen Füssen. Die sind nach wie vor heiss und schön! Wie heisst es schön: Alles kommt zu einem Ende, ich hoffe aber, DEIN Blog nicht :-). Marc

    1. Danke Dir ganz lieb. Ich weiß nur nicht, ob man doch irgendwann mal Schluss machen sollte. Schöner werden meine Füße ja auch nicht ;)

    2. Haha, haste recht...noch schöner können deine füsse nicht werden... bevor du schluss machst lade bitte noch ein foto hoch ��

  4. This is what you come up with after 10+ weeks of quarantine?
    Like the previous guy said we could do with some positivity

    1. I am just doing this blog without monetary intentions.
      Yes I should be more positive, when I write something. Sorry!
      But I cannot make my feet something new. They are still the same. :) What would you do?

    2. No jeans lol

    3. Maybe heels or something, outdoors, etc

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