Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Hey! Good Morning! Feet Video fom Karina ;)

 Hi my dear friends!

I am very sorry that me and my feet are not so much around these days.
Personal things keep me busy, but I hope you all enjoy feet still.
I hope you understand my situation.
But: There are so many lovely women to watch too. Please be nice to every woman who shows their feet for your pleasure. And do not be afraid of loving feet....

Have a great morning!


  1. Ich vermute stark deine Füße sind viel leckerer als der Kaffee und höchstwahrscheinlich auch ein effektiverer Wachmacher ! ;-)

    Liebste und "geile" Grüße

    der Benny :-)

    1. Danke, hat dir das Video gefallen?
      Eine Fußmassage wäre gut.
      Es würde mich freuen auch ein Feedback zum Video zu bekommem.

    2. Erstmal deine Sohlen sind immer ein wunderschöner Anblick ! :-)

      Mir hätte es persönlich noch besser gefallen wenn du zwischendrin etwas mehr noch mit der Tasse "gespielt" hättest, sie vielleicht auch mit deinen Füßen angehoben und das ganze Video eventuell mit Musik unmalt gewesen wäre. Es war doch recht Still.

      Aber wie schon erwähnt deine Sohlen sind immer ein Video wert! ;-*

      Liebste Grüße

      der Benny :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it is almost insulting to her fans. But for some reason she does not see that

    2. Literally always the same pics. Just the surroundings change a bit. The under shower pics were something new. But since then nothing has changed.

    3. I set up a petition once, several months ago. To maybe show her how many fans she has, and how much they are probably looking forward in seeing something new and different, like the shower pics :)

      She replied with an email, pretty rude, and not very nice. So I think she is just probably a bit done with the whole site, and cannot be bothered anymore

    4. Yeah well. Guess there are two options. Maybe 3.

      1) Change something and consider user wishes.

      2) Don't change anything just get a post ready every few months.

      3) Abandon this site completely if there is a lack of motivation.

    5. @Feetexpress: This is not fair an not the truth. My E-Mail was not rude. I just told you that I saw your petition first, when I already got taken down and said that I would have been very interested in the results. And the other thing was about making a blog and comparing my blog with yours, the motivation to make everybody happy etc. If I have chosen the wrong words, then I am very sorry about that.
      You said that time, that you have so many new things on your mind for your feet-blog. That is why I liked it to make this interview for your site. I liked your blog, but be honest, you do not have the motivation to fill your blog with interesting content.

      @Necrodancer: Yes there is a lack of motivation. And I have to admit that I do not have the time anymore for updates on a regular basis.
      I began showing my feet pictures in the days of MySpace, when foot content on the internet was rare. I always wanted to give foot lovers a good feeling and wanted to show everything for free.
      My intentions for this blog was more to discuss and interact with people than just showing pictures. But I I failed in that point.
      I always said that I will only show my feet and nothing more in my pictures. Maybe I failed in entertaining everyone the same way. But I hope you can understand the work behind this blog a bit. It is free, and there are endless other feet sites on the internet.
      And yes, I am thinking about closing this blog.

    6. Believe me if I say that it is not about showing anything else besides feet. No one is here for your pussy.

      But maybe changing footwear or something else besides just bare feet with visible jeans would be nice. And I know for sure there were enough people giving you some ideas.

    7. Lol. like I said, she doesnt get it.

    8. It is sad. The only things happening around here are a new post every few months and the general appearence of thirsty dudes that are not shy to write down their fantasies without any decency.

    9. Schön ein Lebenszeichen von dir zu sehen Karina.

      Der Benny :-)

    10. That's exactly what I mean when I speak of thirsty dudes.

    11. To be honest Feetexpress has a lot more interesting content than this blog ever had last years!!

    12. "To be honest Feetexpress has a lot more interesting content than this blog ever had last years!!"

      Really? I think I had some content here on my blog between 2014 and 2019.
      I do not critizise that, because I do not the facts for this decision, leaving the viewers for such a long time.
      Why shoud I make a Webfind Blog here? Would you like it? Would be easy for me :)

  3. I really like the closeness of the feet twords the end of the video they look very nice

  4. My feet:

  5. Jesus christ, why do people even bother going to this site anymore. Me included,
    If you you are that bored with yourself just stop.
    Most of all stop pretending