Saturday, November 16, 2019

More of my feet under the shower! And Thank you!

Hi my dear friends!

Thank you very much that you liked my "feet under the shower" pictures so much.
So I do not want to let you wait any longer for more pictures.
Yes, some may say "more of the same" but I think people who really enjoy feet, will like the pictures.

I also have to make a short announcement:
I will be very busy the next weeks, so maby I cannot answer all the comments and mails properly in time. But I also HAVE BEEN BUSY taking a lot of FEET PICTURES for you.
Soles, toes, and themes so I hope I could entertain you, if you like me and my feet.
But I also want to talk about feet in the future. This blog should not be about me. So it would be nice if you have some feet related topics I should talk about.


Enjoy the feet!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Karina, what is taking you so long under the shower? Hmm...maybe new feet pictures?

Hi my dear friends!

As I told you before, I have been on vacation with some good friends.
Every morning I was late for breakfast and my friends asked everyday "You are late! What is taking you so long?"
What they did not know. I really got up very early and used the shower in the hotel room for taking new feet pictures for a long time.
And I really have to say that this was a really exhausting photoshooting and I took a lot of new pictures.
Here are the first ones!
And now it is up to your imagination how it looked like, me taking these pictures ;)
Have fun!

[...and it is great to be back!]

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

On Vacation Now

Hi my dear friends!

I am sorry that I could not answer every message and comment so fast lately.
I have been very busy ( I do not like that too) and I hope that you understand that.

I just want to let you know that I am now away on a vacation.
I do not know about all the (unfinished or new) things that will await me after that ;)
Most is work related. Don't worry about me!
But it maybe could take a bit longer until new updates...

Is this ok for you?

And once again thank you and I will be here soon!


image host image host image host image host image host image host image host

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Are you ok?

Hey my dear friends!

I am fine. But I care about you too.
Please tell me how you feel.
Is everything ok? What did you do today?
...and have you seen some beautiful feet you would like to show to me? It could be some of your favouite footmodels or celebrity feet,
Please entertain me.
Tell me more about yourself.
I would love to know you better.

imgbox imgbox imgbox

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Interview at FeetXPress

Hi my dear friends!

I am trying to do my best to answer all your questions about me. It can be very exhausting because I sometimes have to anwers the same questions over and over again...
But today I am very happy, because I gave an interview to Me and Ton, the creator of this blog have been always in touch since he for the first time featured my feet on his blog. Yes there was a break on his blog but I feel very honored to be the first  "foot model" who has been invited after relaunching his blog.
He is a cool guy and I just can say, "read the interview". You will know more about me after that ;)
And I really hope that I have answered all the questions well.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Karina's Feet In Danger II

Hi my dear friends!

I am really sorry that I do not have so much new blogposts lately.
I still love to talk about feet. This is something love most. Maybe you have some ideas and topics we can discuss together?

And I still like to show my feet and I know that most of you find it boring too. I can understand that.

This part of the shooting was really kind of painful.
But I think my feet deserve it for being so boring these days ;)

But what do you think? Is it something you would like to do to feet?
Please tell me and enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Karina's Feet In Danger

Hi my dear friends!

I am so sorry, not being here for such a long time. I will answer your questions soon.
But there were so many things in my real life that kept me from being here for you on my blog.

But thank you, I love you too.

I hope you enjoy my new pictures. My feet in danger. More is coming soon....

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Lemontoes - Your Questions Answered

Hi my dear friends!
It has been a little while since I had my dear friend Lemontoes on my blog.
Thank you again that you welcomed her so lovely. She is a such a nice person and a close friend of mine.
She told you about why she likes to show her feet and about how she started to make feet pictures with her boyfriend.

But you also had some questions for her and here are the answers. Thank you Lemontoes!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Best Toe-Spreaders in the World

Hello my dear friends and toe-spreaders!

Thank you so much for being with me and being a part of the toe-spreading challenge.
Thank you!!! This is awesome. I love feet and I love YOUR feet! Thank you very much that I am allowed to show your beautiful feet on my blog.
Thank you to all the heroes who participated in my toe-spread-challenge.
We all love feet!

Here are your toe-spreads and the best I have seen ever!
Here are all the toe-spreaders. And if I forgot someone here, please write to me, I will add you.
And now enjoy!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

My thank you video for you all!

Hi my dear friends!

I am really sorry that it took one month to present something new to you on my blog and to give you an update about me. I will change that in the future, because it is not right that you worry about me. But thank you that you care so much about me.

Sometimes I really have to put myself and my interests in front of my feet, my community and my beloved friends. I hope you understand.
But thanks for asking, everything is ok with me right now.

I am very thankful that you like what I am doing here.
I do not have problems with people  who do not like Jeans or people who critizise my work. Everybody is welcomed here!
But please be nice in your comments. Don't scare away all those people who might want to join the discussion. Thank you! (and delete your multiple accounts if you want to talk to yourself only)

But things aside, let's have some fun and concentrate about how we all love feet.
After my (short) absence I want to say Thank You everybody  who love feet, who still enjoy (my) feet, and who are still here, staying  with me over the years. You are awesome! Thank you!

This video is for you who like feet and my way to say thank you! I hope you enjoy!
Special thanks go out to all the (over) 2.500 Watchers on DeviantArt. I love you!

[sorry i wear jeans :)]

Saturday, April 27, 2019

My Toe-Spreading Challenge

Hi my dear friends!

First of all thank you very much for participating in my Game of Thrones voting. I really love it, to do something with the community together. Second, thank you again that you all enjoyed my tied up feet pictures so much. I will upload the rest of the pictures soon.


I think I am very good at spreading my toes. So I want to challenge you to show me that you can spread your toes better than me!
I know that many of you have an aversion against male feet. But this is something I want you all to participate in and it means a lot to me, because I want to do something with you together.
(I also put this challenge on my DeviantArt page. And I am sure that some women will participate in this contest too)

Don't be shy and enter this contest!
Send or link me your picture(s)!

I will collect your pictures, showing them in a special "Toe-Spreading Hall of Fame" here.
Be a part of my blog! Do it for me! We are one community!

And of course here are my toe-spreading pictures for you. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Most Beautiful Feet of Game of Thrones

Hello my dear friends!

Thank you. It is nice to see that so many of you participated in this poll.
More than 800 votes? This is amazing! Thank you!
I never thought that so many people would participate in this survey.
Thank you very much!

You surprised me once again.  Your votes were so close. Please tell me in the comments about your decision for your favourite feet from Game of Thrones.
But are you excited to see the resulsts? Here the are........

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Tied Up Feet To Free The Internet

Hi my dear friends!

As I said before the future of European content makers does not look so bright these days.
Please check out my latest blog entries about that.
Because I do not want that anyone should have the right to restrain legal activities on the internet like free speech and free expression, I took some pictures with my feet tied up to show my protest. And then I took some more...
For me it was very important to talk to you about these recent and very important political things.
And it is cool for me, if you just enjoyed the pictures. But I hope that I could give you some insights on that matter.
I will still go on and fight for our basic values, whenever they are in danger.
But I also want to be there for you and entertain you with my feet. And after so many said that I should do more bondage pictures here they are!
Enjoy the pictures, and there will be much more to come soon....

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Save Your Internet II - Vote!

Sorry, that I have to bring up some political stuff up once more.
But I think that it is very important.

So the new copyright law that endangers every uploaded content by any user will likely be adopted by the European Union.
[I really have no answer why in foot-fetish-related communities/forums nobody talks about this topic. But maybe I missed that.]
Because only big companies like Google are able to program an upload filter the law requires, the EUgives those companies the whole right to filter the internet their way. And the EU did not listen to the people on the streets and the 5 millions who signed an online petition against the law.

Even this news is bad, I look forward in a positive way, because we together can change that.

- First of all the decision to revise Article 13 was very close. This showes that the protesters had been heard.

- Second it is all about Free Speech and this is a virtue in all countries. So national courts and the European Court of Justice will have some decisive words against it.

But most and for all YOU can change the future! In May there is the European Election.
Please use your right to vote!
Do not vote for the parties that supported article 13 and upload-filters.
But also be reasonable. Please do not vote for populist parties that proclaim to leave the European Union.
Despite all the bureaucracy, the European Union is one of the most important peace treaties and hey,
 we love each other and there should be no boundaries.
We all believe in love.

Future internet:

image host image host image host

Sorry to bring up some political topics here.
But everyone should care about free speech and everything related to that.
I think this is something you care about too,
What is your opinion?

Have a great weekend,

Friday, March 22, 2019

Save Your Internet

The European Union is about to pass a new law about copyright. "Copyright" is a good and important thing, but the new laws wording is dangerous for all content creators and internet users.

Especially article 13 endangers the internet we like and love:

"In the future, Internet platforms should assume liability for the content uploaded or shared by their users, unless the platform exhausts all possibilities to prevent the distribution of copyrighted material, User created content must already be checked for copyrighted material while being uploaded. Content for which no licenses are available should be sorted out during upload. However, the necessary upload filters are considered technically unfeasible, error-prone and a first step towards Internet censorship"

This affects all websites because most will not have the money to install an "upload-filter". So they will likely block content.
This is a major problem when you want to visit your favourite foot forum, picture or video site in the future. In addition will also create trouble for me sharing my pictures.

This is how some websites likely will look like if the law passes.

This saturday, March 23 is the European Day of Protests. Please support the demonstrations against this new law in a city near you and/or join  protest online! Thank you!

I will join the demonstration in Munich, Germany.
And of course I will support the protest online with some pictures.
Enjoy and feel free to use my pictures in your protest!

image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host

Thanks for all the supporters! In Germany over 200.000 people joined the protests on the streets.
And thanks for all the retweets!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Your Favourite Feet from Game Of Thrones?

Only one more  month to wait! Then the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones begins. Are you excited too?
In preparation for the big finale I want you to let me know which actress from Game of Thrones has in your opinion the most beautiful feet.
I created a poll where you can vote.
Link: [voting has ended]

To help you with your decision I show you some pictures of the Game of Thrones actresses below.
Enjoy and vote!!!

Friday, March 1, 2019

My Relaxing Feet for the Weekend

Hi my dear friends!

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Take off your shoes, put your feet up, and relax like I do!
Forget about all the trouble of the week and do what you always have ever wanted to do.

I would like to show you some new pictures of my feet. I hope that the pictures make your weekend a bit more better. Tell me if you enjoy them!
So let's have some fun together for the weekend - here are my weekend-feet for you!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Karina presents: Lemontoes

Hi my dear friends!
Sorry for the delay. I really was very busy after Christmas.
But now as promised I want so show you the beautiful feet of Lemontoes, my wonderful friend from DeviantArt.
Like me she is from Germany and she loves to show her feet.
She also wrote something special for my blog about why she loves to share her feet pictures and how she started it all.

Please welcome Lemontoes on my blog!
I am sure she will also answer your questions. I have some too...

Friday, January 4, 2019

Next: You will love her

Such cute feet!
Do you know who she is?

I am in preperations to do an interview with her.
And of course you can participate.

Tell me in the comments if you know her!

You recognized her?
Write it in the comments!
(Hint: She is on DeviantArt)

Please give her a big welcome on my blog!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Good morning/evening New Year!!!!

Hello my dear friends!

I wish you a great new year!
I hope you all had some fun last night with your friends and/or your family.
Tell me, what you did last evening!
I had a great time with some friends of mine. But I woke up early and decided to welcome the new year with some pictures.
I really wanted to upload my new pictures after that unplanned photo-shooting this morning and liked to call it "Good Morning New Year". But then I was playing around to make a GIF and.....

Hey, have a great new year, enjoy my new pictures, I wish you the best!!!