Saturday, March 21, 2020

How are you? What are you doing?

Hey my dear friends,
these are strange times.
I just want to give you a quick update on me:
Since today, we here in Munich, Germany are under a curfew. But it is not that restricted as it sounds. I am ok, just if you want to know;)

What is the situation in your country or state you live in? Is everything ok with you?
If your daily life is also restricted, tell me, what are you doing? What do you miss at the moment?
I miss seeing my family and friends. And about feet: It is spring, where I normally could see many cute feet and going barefoot or in flip-flops myself. How do you feel?

 I try my best  to keep you entertained during these days. Today I chose some leftovers from my bound feet series, because I think it fits the topic.

Please join the discussion in the comment section. Be nice and helpful to each other. We are a great community and we stay together! You do not have to write about my feet and the pictures. Please use this post to share your feelings with others. I think that this exchange of thoughts and feelings can be very helpful for everyone these days.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Some New Feet Pictures - But sorry, I will be very busy the next weeks!


New Pictures of my feet - But also...

Hello My dear feet friends!
Sorry to tell you but I will be very busy the following weeks.
But this only means that it could take a bit longer to interact with you. I have some leftover foot pictures from previous feet shootings, I want to show to you in the meantime.
Don't be mad at me. I will read all your comments and mails and I will answer them maybe later.
And no. This does not have anything to do with the Corona Virus. I just have some projects to work on, that take a lot of time.

But talking about Corona...
I hope you all and your friends and families are ok. And I hope that I can cheer you up a bit and entertain you with my feet pictures during these strange times. I am trying my best! And I will be there for you, even I can not answer to everything at the moment.

Enjoy my new foot pictures! I hope you like them. Please tell me!

Sunday, March 1, 2020

FootLoveGirls - I miss you!

footlovegirls gif with all the foot models
Hey my dear foot friends!
I hope you all have a great sunday!
Mine is fine.

But it is sad to see that the best foot fetish sites close forever.
This time it is FootLoveGirls, a site I liked very much, because of the natural approach to feet.
I also had a great connection to Markus, the owner of this site.
He said that it is impossible to keep up with his website. Personal and other things too. I understand this, I wish him the best for everything. He did so much for all feet-loving people.
But I also want to say "THANK YOU" to all the lovely women who were on FOOTLOVEGIRLS! You are amazing and you did so much for everyone!

I hope I can give something back with my video and some pictures.
Just to remember you FOREVER!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Lemontoes and her Beautiful Feet

Lemontoes on Karina's Foot Blog, new barefoot, feet, soles, toes, foot fetish pictures

The beautiful feet of Lemontoes

Hey my dear feet friends!
Please welcome back Lemontoes and her beautiful feet on my foot blog!
She recently modeled her cute feet in a photoshooting with my favourite foot photographer Christopher (aka.
Please enjoy the new pictures of Lemontoes' feet, soles, and toes. Or do you like her feet in socks more?
Please share your opinions with us!
Lemontoes and Christopher are watching. And if you want to write to them in person, all the links after the pictures...

Sunday, February 16, 2020

See my Naked Feet, Soles and Toes under the Shower

Foot model Karina shows her bare feet, soles and toes naked under the shower

Karina's Barefoot Shower Pictures

Part III

Hello my dear feet loving friends!

How are you?
It has been a great week for me. What I loved most (feet related)? That some of you told me in the comments that I always make you happy with my feet pictures.
Thank you! This is exactly why I like to take pictures of my feet. I want to make you happy with my feet pictures and you always should feel good about loving feet!

I know that a lot of you liked my naked feet photoshooting under the shower.  As I said before, I took a lot of feet pictures during this session. And I want to share everything with you.
If you say "oh no, more of the same, booooooring", so please do not watch or comment.
But if you liked my previous feet and shower pictures, I would love to hear something from you!

I also made a slide show for you on YouTube.

Karina's feet under the shower on Youtube

After the break, all the new pictures for you!
Have fun and enjoy!

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Have a Barefoot Weekend with Me

Feet Weekend

Hello my dear foot friends!
I am sorry, I could not answer all your feet related questions at once.
Life keeps me very busy and I am trying to to my best. But I will answer all your foot fetish related mails and comments soon as possible. Please give me some time! I really need this weekend to relax barefoot thinking about all this feet relating things.
And t is winter here in Germany. I do not like it, because I can not walk barefoot and there are no feet to watch outside.
What do you do in winter times to see feet?
It would be nice if you would tell me in the comments! I need some ideas!

But relax, have a look at my new foot pictues. I hope you like them!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

I have to relax...have a relaxing weekend too!

Karina shows her bare feet, soles, and toes relaxing on a couch, Karina's Foot Blog foot fetish pictures

Karina Relaxing Barefoot

Hello my dear feet loving Friends!
Thank you for your New Years greetings!
You are awesome.
I did not know that so many people are watching my feet, but then I checked my statistics on DeviantArt. 2.700 are watching my feet and my pictures were watched over 111.000 times last year.
I did not know that I am so "famous". I am just showing my feet, because I like feet too.
But thank you very much. It is great that I can bring you some joy with my work.
Now I have to relax! The pictures are for you! Thank you once again! We all like feet!

Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy new Year!

Happy New Foot Fetish Year!

Hello my dear foot friends!
I wish you all a Happy New Year!
The best wishes to you and your families and the ones you love!
I just want to thank you for this year. I hope you liked what I did here on my blog.
Please let me know!

Link me in the comments the pictures you liked most from 2019 on my blog. I would love to hear about that (more about that after the break)!

But for now. Enjoy this special day!
I wish you all the best for 2020!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Most Beautiful Celebrity Feet of 2019

The most beautiful celebrity feet, foot fetish, celebrity bikini, female feet, soles, and toes, barefoot, Karina's Foot Blog
Hi my dear friends!
Thank you for all the Christmas greetings. I hope you enjoyed your holidays.
Did you spent your time with feet? :)

Well I did. I was looking at my blog reading comments etc. Then I noticed, that I had no topic about Celebrity Feet this year. So I began to search in some forums, celebrity sites and others, just to show you SOME celebrity feet pictures I like. In the end I spent the whole day, because there were so many interesting feet pictures and I have so many pictures to show you! Sorry for that. But maybe you know that feeling, getting totally lost while looking at feet pictures :)

As far as I know all the celebrity feet pictures are from 2019.
I hope there are some you maybe like too!
Tell me in the comments about your favourite celebrity feet pictures. Maybe I missed some great pictures. And yes, I want to see more!

[Warning for mobile users: I collected more than 400 pictures. You should maybe watch this at home!]


Saturday, December 21, 2019

Merry Christmas! My feet covered in gold

Karina's golden feet for christmas, barefoot, soles, toes, gold, foot fetish

My Christmas Feet In Gold

I hope you have some great holidays!
I tried to make some pictures with golden bodypaint on my feet.
It turned out, it was not so great ;)
But have a look!

Thank you for this wonderful year. Thank you for all the comments.

You are awesome!
Special thanks to all the women who show their feet and to everyone who is confident about feet, and all the artists and photographers!

And of course, thanks to all of you, who still enjoy me and my pictures!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Time!

With all the best wishes  from me,


Here are the pictures...