Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sorry for being so lazy, but new pics for you

Hello my dear friends!

I am so sorry that I neglected you the last weeks. But work kept me so busy and there was no time left to care about you and my blog.
My deepest apologies! But I think that you are busy too (not many comments on my last posting), but I understand that. And it is summer and nobody wants to sit on the PC for too many hours.
I am sorry for my short absence but I hope that I can please you with some pictures. Tell me if you like them.
And what would you say about a new video...maybe this weekend?
Tell me and keep me informed.
But for now enjoy the pictures. I hope you like them!

Karina's Feet: Fan Fantasies and Fiction

As you may remember, some people of my community asked me if I could make a place on my blog where people could write their fantasies they have, when they look at my feet pictures. I was not sure about it, so I let you all vote.
94 % were in favour of it. Of those more than the half said, that they would like to contribute with a story or a fantasy they have with my feet.
Well ok then, let's do it!
I am excited about to read all your fantasies!
All the rules, how it works, things you can write and so on...read about it after the break.....