Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Pictures - Old Session

Hi my beloved Friends!
How are you? I hope you are all ok. I did not hear so much from you the last weeks.
For myself I love it that summer's almost come. That makes me happy. I can't wait to walk barefoot outside.
I am also busy trying to make my blog better. I saw that a lot of pictures are not available anymore. No problem, I will re-upload them again.
For today I checked my HDD and noticed that there were a lot of pictures on it, I did not show you before.
Have fun with the pictures and thank you for being my friends here!
I hope I will meet you in the comments!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Re-Up: Karina's Feet with Candles

Hello my dear friends!

First of all thank you for your comments and your ideas. Some people brought up some interestings things for my blog. I am thinking about all that.
Now you may say "I know this preview picture and I have seen all your candlelight pictures. Are you repeating yourself, because you have no new content?"
"No" is my answer to that. I am trying to rearrange my blog, because all my pictures are divided up on different blog posts and I get a lot of questions like "are there more pictures from that session?" or kind of that. So I will try to keep it all together adding links to old blog posts. And I also have to admit, that some old pictures never made it to my foot blog. I hope new friends of my blog will enjoy the pictures and all of my longtime friends will remember the good old times, when I showed these pictures for the first time on the internet.

And I forgot to mention. Showing these old candlelight pictures was a wish from a very good friend from DeviantArt. So this is for him....