Sunday, August 28, 2016

My 10th Anniversary - Your Artworks, Greetings, Dedication...Thank you so much!


This is the page where I will upload your artworks, dedications, greetings, statemenst or what ever comes in mind you would like to share with me and my wonderful community for my anniversary.
If you do not know what it is all about, please read here:

So all of you who followed me through the years. Or maybe you recently discovered my blog. Everyone who enjoys my work and my pictures. I want to gather all of you here on this site. Join me and all of my friends and let's celebrate together!

Check out all the greetings, artworks, dedications and more....

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Me walking barefoot on grass

Hello my barefoot friends!

Some days ago I talked with you about the fact that I like to walk barefoot in nature and how nice it feels to have some soft short grass beneath my feet. I really love that!
I also told you that I took some pictures of my bare feet in nature.
So here is the first part of that session and of course these are not the only ones. I love the natural light and if the weather will be my friend, I will try to more pictures outdoor.

I hope you like these new pictures!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

My 10th Anniversary

Many of you know me from my blog here that I started in 2009 or (and I think the most of you) from DeviantArt where I began to show my feet in 2011.
I know that there are some here who know me and my feet from a time before that.
But I think the most of you do not know that I showed my first feet pictures on the internet in August 2006.
Yes this was a long time ago.  Do you remember  these old days?
I will tell you more about this and I hope that you will join me to celebrate this event!

Friday, August 5, 2016

More Pokemon Go Feet

Yes I catch them all with my feet!!!

Hi my dear friends!
So many of you encouraged me to make more Pokemon Go pictures. I really was surprised that you like it so much.
So well, I took of my shoes and waited for all the Pokemon that are attracted to my feet. And I caught some of them with my camera. I think that they have a passion for feet :)
So here are the pictures from last week.
I hope you enjoy them! Please tell me which pictures you like most and why you like them.

I also noticed that this month it is my 10th anniversary for showing my feet on the internet for the first time. I do not have any ideas how to celebrate that. Maybe you have some thoughts about it.
But for now let's go on with the pictures....

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Let's Walk Barefoot

Last time I talked about some celebrities who like to walk barefoot.
I like that too. But I prefer to be barefoot in nature. It is such a wonderful feeling to walk barefoot on grass. You have to feel it for yourself. So take off your shoes and enjoy this feeling! You will be surprised.

I love it to feel the grass beneath my feet.
Do you like to be barefoot too? Did you see some barefoot people recently?

I have to admit that I mostly saw barefoot guys this summer. But I hope I will see some women too.
It is great to be barefoot and everybody should do that too!

More pictures are coming soon! Have a great summer!