Monday, January 29, 2018

Feel the Feet

Hi my dear friends,
I just want to stop by and say Thank You to all of you for your nice comments and all the interesting things you write. I love you!
Here is a picture of my feet for you. More pictures are coming soon...


Saturday, January 13, 2018

They just moved in and they do not have names

Hi and a special hello to all the ones who love tiny people like I do.

I just want to inform you that I now have two new rommates. They are not making my life easier, but I decided that they can stay for a while.
They both escaped from the toy factory and they do not have names yet.

Maybe you can give them a name. Please tell me in the comments!
This would mean a lot to me. Because I want to tell you the whole story about them and their daily life with me in a picture story, a movie or something like that.

Here are the pictures with my new friends....

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thank you very much and l love to be a Giantess

Hello my dear friends!
Thank you for all your new years whishes. I hope you have a great start in the new year!
I hope I have answered all your masseges and mails. If not, I am still working on it.
But once again, thank you that you are here, that you like feet (not only mine I hope so) and that you are all open-minded what kind of things people like, prefer or what they like to be.
I love you!

To day I will adress this post to all the people who like giantess pictures and the artists who create these wonderfull kind of art. In the beginning I was very sceptical myself, but now I like these themes very much and it is such much fun to write comments and exchange opinions with the creators.

Here are my favorites..