Saturday, October 13, 2018

I love you! Feet Pictures Now!

Hey my dear friends!

Once again I want to say thank you for this great community here. I love your comments, I like the discussion and that is why we here together. We together make loving feet great, famous and nothing to be considered strange!
I am always with you.

Here are some new pictures of my feet.
It is really ok if you like them or not. Tell me what you think about it.

Feet are awesome and we like it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Hey Thank You!

Thank you!
It is so great that you still visit my blog.
I think it is always time to say thank you!
Thank you to all of you, who supported me all years.
Thank you to all the great women who are so open minded and do similar things like me.
Thanks to everyone who makes loving feet more popular and less creepy.
This is for all of you.

This video is for all of us.
Don't thank me. You can say thank you to everyone you want in the comments.
I love you.