Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Best Toe-Spreaders in the World

Hello my dear friends and toe-spreaders!

Thank you so much for being with me and being a part of the toe-spreading challenge.
Thank you!!! This is awesome. I love feet and I love YOUR feet! Thank you very much that I am allowed to show your beautiful feet on my blog.
Thank you to all the heroes who participated in my toe-spread-challenge.
We all love feet!

Here are your toe-spreads and the best I have seen ever!
Here are all the toe-spreaders. And if I forgot someone here, please write to me, I will add you.
And now enjoy!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

My thank you video for you all!

Hi my dear friends!

I am really sorry that it took one month to present something new to you on my blog and to give you an update about me. I will change that in the future, because it is not right that you worry about me. But thank you that you care so much about me.

Sometimes I really have to put myself and my interests in front of my feet, my community and my beloved friends. I hope you understand.
But thanks for asking, everything is ok with me right now.

I am very thankful that you like what I am doing here.
I do not have problems with people  who do not like Jeans or people who critizise my work. Everybody is welcomed here!
But please be nice in your comments. Don't scare away all those people who might want to join the discussion. Thank you! (and delete your multiple accounts if you want to talk to yourself only)

But things aside, let's have some fun and concentrate about how we all love feet.
After my (short) absence I want to say Thank You everybody  who love feet, who still enjoy (my) feet, and who are still here, staying  with me over the years. You are awesome! Thank you!

This video is for you who like feet and my way to say thank you! I hope you enjoy!
Special thanks go out to all the (over) 2.500 Watchers on DeviantArt. I love you!

[sorry i wear jeans :)]