Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sending some Karina Love to Everyone!

Sending some Karina Love to Everyone!

I know it has been a while...
First of all: I am fine, everything is ok with me. Thanks for asking!
Second: I am very busy. Reduced to Home Office and less working hours I took my chance to improve my skills, now studying at an online academy. Do not ask too much. It is about Online Marketing and all that stuff.
But most important: I never forgot about you. And I feel sorry. I do not like the new design here, I do not know if I want to continue my blog, and I feel sorry not answering all your questions..

Thank you for that you still like my feet.
You are awesome!!!

But for me:
Please have a heart and understand. It is too much for me at the moment to answer to everyone in person. To take pictures and everything. I need some time for myself at the moment. Hope you understand.
Is this ok?
I still have some feet pictures from previous sessions. I hope I can entertain you with them. But do not expect too much from me.
I will not be so much online at the moment. And as I said, other things are more important these days.

I love you and I always have to say thank you!
You are doing great!


Share some feet love, have fun!

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