Friday, March 19, 2021

Some Updates on me - Karinasfeet

Hi my dear friends.

Come on guys,

I did not made this blog for people fighting in the comment section. It is getting so boring now.

If you say that this or that picture could be better in some way, this is ok. That is a positive way to tell me about it. You do not have to like everything I show on my blog. Calm down. It is ok for me.

But if you do not like anything at all, why do you comment in the first place? Why are you here? You should know where to get feet pictures you like anywhere else for free. Or are you a beginner to use the internet? Just asking.

Do not force me or any other persons to do things you would like to see. I can handle it, but a lot of women who also liked feet and began with some pictures, dissapeared because of all the toxic comments. I still have contact so some.

I always said that that I show my feet the way I like. Criticism is allowed, but if you have something more to say then "boring" "jeans again" "be naked" "show tits" or like that, please keep it to yourself. And you really should not say these things to other women anywhere else. Fuck you!

And now for my Blog:

- I keep it for now
- At the moment I am not in the mood to take pictures, but if I do check my DeviantArt Page:
- This blog was made to interact with you, not for people fighting.
- I know I could do better, but please be a bit more constructive
- Tell me what you like to know.
- If you have some topics we can talk about please tell me.

But for now the blog is closed...until....

PS: There is no "Drama Queen". I just say forward what I think. And my mother tongue is not English. So do not interpret all my words the way you like. 

Kisses good night


And now, just calm down here are some (orginal taken today) feet  pictures;)

Karina loves you!